OCPD: 2017 CT Public Defender Internship Information

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Legal, Social Work, and Investigation

To apply for an internship with the Division of Public Defender Services, you must fill out an Intern Application (“Forms” tab at www.ct.gov/ocpd). If you fill it out by hand, please make sure that it is legible. It must be hand-signed which gives us permission to have the required background check conducted. Along with your most recent resume, you can scan/email, fax, or mail them. Please see the schedule at the bottom of the page for sending your request.


Email:    Janice.Street@jud.ct.gov


Fax:       (860) 509-6495, Attention: Janice Street


Mail:      Janice Street

              Office of Chief Public Defender

              30 Trinity Street – 4th Floor

              Hartford, CT  06106


Upon receipt of your intern application and resume:

  • Law student papers will be forwarded to Alison Bloomquist, Director of Training – interns eligible for certification under Practice Rule 3.14 et. seq. may appear in court.
  • Social work student papers will be forwarded to Katie Farrell, LCSW, Chief Social Worker – Master of Social Work candidates preferred. (Possibility of an in-person interview.)
  • Investigator and undergrad student papers will be forwarded to Ellen Knight, Chief Investigator – preferences for majors or minors in Criminal Justice or related fields.  

 Generally, the intern process begins with submitting your application and resume. To be considered for placement, a brief phone interview will be arranged, and a required background check must be completed. Further, all new interns must attend a mandatory two hour Intern Orientation.


All internships are unpaid.


We cannot guarantee placement, and we will do the best we can to accommodate requests for specific locations. We encourage all students to seek multiple opportunities. 


If you have found placement on your own at a specific office, you still must submit an intern application and resume for a background check, and you are required to attend orientation.


SUMMER internships – submit paperwork between January 1 and March 31

FALL internships – submit paperwork between April 1 and June 30

WINTER-SPRING internships – submit paperwork between August 1 and October 31


Interns are placed on a first-come, first-served basis, so please apply early, especially those who need work-study program documents completed.      

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