OCPD: Public Defender Forms

Public Defender Downloadable Forms

Assigned Counsel
Juvenile Post Conviction


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Employment Application

Attorney Questionnaire 48kb

Intern Application

CO-17 - Vendor Invoice for Good or Services 69kb
Appellate Worksheet for Habeas Corpus Appeal 60kb
Appellate Worksheet 170kb
Assigned Counsel  
Assigned Counsel Expense Coversheet Form 52kb
Authorization to Incur Expenses Form 34kb
Trial Preparation Request From 112kb
Assigned Counsel Billing Form (Excel) 84kb
Electronic Signature Form 27kb
Assigned Counsel Juvenile/GAL Billing Form (Excel) 87kb
Family Matters Contempt Quarterly Report 264kb
Billing Inquiry Form (Excel) 17kb
Expert bill (Excel) 104kb
Notice of Closed Case 521kb
Assigned Counsel Application (unavailable at this time)

Juvenile Post Conviction
Authorization for Use and Disclosure of Protective Health Information 27kb
Post Conviction Referral Form 71kb
Post Conviction Client Introduction 14kb
Post Conviction Unit Protocols 71KB
Innocence Project Request for Assistance 71kb
Subpoena by State / Public Defender (JD-CR-56) 295kb
Civil Subpoena  (JD-CL-43) 311kb
Habeas Corpus Petition Form 66kb

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