OCC: Electricity


Understanding Your Electric Bill

The charges on your monthly electric bill are divided into two sections: 

Supplier Services and
Delivery Services

Supplier Services includes the Generation Services Charge.  This is the charge for the actual electricity or kilowatt hours that you use.  This charge is different depending on whether you are with a retail supplier or standard service.  This is the only portion of your bill where you have a choice of how much you pay based on the Company you choose.

Delivery Services are supplied by the electric company you have always had - either the Eversource or the United Illuminating Company (UI).  There are many charges included under Delivery Services and you do not have a choice of how much you have to pay.  No matter which Supplier you choose, Eversource or UI still will deliver your electricity, send you a bill each month and ensure that your lights stay on.

The charges you pay for Delivery Services include:

  1. Transmission Charge - the price for delivery of electricity over high voltage power lines from the generation company to the distribution company.
  2. Customer Service Charge - the monthly charge that covers such items as customer billing and meter reading.
  3. Distribution Charge - the price for delivery of electricity over poles and wires to homes or businesses.
  4. Systems Benefits Charge - covers the cost of public education and hardship protection.
  5. Competitive Transition Assessment - covers the electric distribution company's stranded costs.  
  6. Conservation and Load Management Charge - this portion goes to the Energy Conservation and Load Management Fund, which is used to support cost-effective energy conservation programs.
  7. Renewable Energy Investment Charge - this portion goes to the Renewable Energy Investment Fund, which promotes the growth, development and sale of renewable energy sources.
  8. Fuel Adjustment - recovers the difference between Eversource's and UI's total actual fuel cost and the amount of fuel revenue the companies recover in each kWh of sales.


Eversource 107 Selden Street, Berlin, CT 06037 800-286-2000


All towns in Connecticut except those served by The United Illuminating Company and the municipal companies of Groton, Jewett City, South Norwalk, Norwalk Third Taxing District, Wallingford, and Norwich. 
The United Illuminating Company (UI) 180 Marsh Hill Road, Orange, CT  06477 800-722-5584 www.uinet.com
Ansonia, Bridgeport, Derby, East Haven, Easton, Fairfield, Hamden, Milford, New Haven, North Branford, North Haven, Orange, Shelton, Stratford, Trumbull, West Haven and Woodbridge. 

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