OCA: Programs and Services

Programs and Services

{Protection of Children is Our Number One Priority}
The Office of the Child Advocate (OCA) is not an administrator of programs. Rather, the OCA monitors and evaluates public and private agencies that are charged with the protection of children, and reviews state agency policies and procedures to ensure they protect children's rights and promote their best interest.  OCA helps to:

  • advocate for children at risk;
  • address public policy issues concerning juvenile justice, child care, foster care, and treatment.
  • review individual cases and investigate complaints;
  • educate and inform the public of laws and services affecting families and children who are placed under state supervision;
  • coach families, concerned citizens, and agencies to "navigate" public service and information systems and advocate for children effectively;
  • review facilities and procedures of public or private institutions or residences where juveniles are placed; and
  • facilitate change by bringing different agencies together to find creative solutions to difficult problems.