OCA: Advisory Board

Child Advocate Advisory Committee

{Children Have Rights} The advisory committee to the Office of the Child Advocate meets with the Child Advocate and staff to review and assess patterns of treatment and services, policy implications, and necessary systemic improvements. The advisory committee also provides an annual evaluation of the effectiveness of the Office.  Upon any vacancy in the position of Child Advocate, the committee meets to consider and interview successor candidates and submits to the Governor five to seven candidates to fill the vacancy.


Advisory Committee Members:

Appoinment Made By Name, Town Term
 Senate Pro Tempore
 Shelley Geballe, Branford 
1/11/12 - 6/30/16 
 Speaker of the House
 Rudolph Brooks, Bloomfield 
1/5/12 - 6/30/16 
 Majority Leader of the Senate
 Atty. Joel Rudikoff, North Haven 
12/12/11 - 6/30/16 
 Majority Leader of the House
 Minority Leader of the Senate 
 Catherine Cook
 3/13/12 - 6/30/17
 Minority Leader of the House
 John Fenton, Ridgefield 
2/22/12 - 6/30/16 
 Jeanne Milstein, West Hartford 
3/2/12 - 6/30/16