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Great Park Pursuit Family Adventure 

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IMPORTANT NOTE!! To fish for free on August 15, 2015, anyone 16 years of age or older must obtain a free one-day fishing license through the DEEP online sportsmen licensing system ( or at any venue that sells fishing licenses, prior to the event.  Children under 16 are free. 
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The 10th Anniversary Great Park Pursuit Adventure
The Connecticut Department of Energy and Environmental Protection’s (DEEP) No Child Left Inside® Great Park Pursuit Family Adventure was held over a 7 week period this past May and June.  Hundreds of Connecticut families accepted the challenge and traveled to new sites across the state, enjoyed the great outdoors, met other families and had a great time.  Take a look at our Great Park Pursuit Photos and we hope to see you again next year as we kick off another adventure on May 7, 2016! 
Sky's the Limit Hiking Challenge
There is still plenty of time to meet this challenge! We have selected 14 peaks in Connecticut’s State Parks & Forests for our Sky's the Limit Hiking Challenge.  You must complete 10 hikes to win a hiking staff medallion.  If you complete all 14 hikes, your family or group will be entered in a drawing to win a hiking staff. Here's how you can meet this challenge:
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