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The Great Park Pursuit 2018
CT State Parks Family Adventure
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Our 13th Annual No Child Left Inside® Great Park Pursuit (GPP): CT State Parks Adventure began on May 12, 2018 with FREE Family Fishing Day at Wharton Brook State Park, off of Rte. 5 in Wallingford, CT in partnership with CARE.  The event was a guided event and ran from 9 am to 3pm.  Our kick-off event in the rain was a success with over 450 people attending. 
Our 2nd event was held on May 19, 2018 at Sessions Woods Wildlife Management Area in Burlington, CT.  It was an Outdoor Recreational Skill Building Event. We had over 300 visitors at this event.   
Events 3 and 4 were Semi-guided events which required teams to pick a location, participate, and take a selfie to submit for credit.  Event #3 had GPP teams visiting visit one (or more) of 11 Museums and Nature Centers across CT on Memorial Day Weekend.  Event #4 had GPP teams participate in a hike or walk at one (or more) of 107 Great Park Pursuit sponsored events on Trails Day Weekend. 
Event #5 will be a day of Boating at Mansfield Hollow State Park in Mansfield, CT.  This is a Guided Event and will take place from 9 am to 3pm. 
Event #6 is the final event for the 2018 Great Park Pursuit Season.  It is the Campout at Salt Rock Campground.   
Registration for the 2018 season is now closed.   All events are FREE.   Even if you have not registered, you are welcome to attend all events, however you will not be eligible for prizes.
Come out to the Great Park Pursuit, have fun with your family and friends all while learning  new skills and improving your outdoor recreational skills.
Please visit the other Great Park Pursuit Family Adventure pages for additional information. 
We are hoping for some beautiful, sunny weather for our last two events!
We have decided to provide our Great Park Pursuit teams with the dates/locations/and themes of the events this year in advance. 
Each week during the course of The Great Park Pursuit, teams will be provided with detailed information about the upcoming weekend event at one of Connecticut's parks or forests by Thursday.