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Featured Winter Activities
Don’t let the cold weather get you down!  There are so many things to do in winter, and it makes sipping hot cocoa by a warm fire that much more cozy when you come back inside.  There’s nothing better to shake those winter blues than to take advantage of a sunny winter day by getting outside and moving around.
Many places you might normally think of visiting in the summer make great destinations in the winter, too, and they are often much less crowded.  Why not take a trip to the beach to look for evidence of wildlife activity in the winter?  You might be surprised at what you might find.  Just don’t forget to bundle up!
Tips for Staying Warm in the Cold
  • Mittens provide more warmth to your hands than gloves.
  • Most of your body heat is lost through your head so wear a hat.
  • Dress in warm layers so you can remove items if you get too warm.
  • Wear waterproof, insulated boots to keep your feet warm and dry.
Top 10 Places for Winter Activities

Fort Griswold State Park – Groton (sledding)
George Dudley Seymour State Park – Haddam (cross country skiing)
Haddam Meadows State Park – Haddam (cross country skiing)
Collis P. Huntington State Park – Redding (cross country skiing)
Mansfield Hollow State Park – Mansfield (cross country skiing)
Natchaug State Forest – Eastford (cross country skiing)
Osbornedale State Park – Derby (ice skating and sledding)
Peoples State Forest – Barkhamsted (cross country skiing)
Topsmead State Park – Litchfield (cross country skiing)


Content last updated January 2019