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Featured Fall Activities
  {Young Girl on Bike}
What better way to enjoy the beautiful fall weather than to get out your bicycle and take a ride on one of CT State Parks linear trails.  They are relatively flat and offer the opportunity to go for miles or just take a short ride with the family for a new adventure.  Before you go, remember to do a bike safety check and also tell someone where you are going and when you will return.
Here are some guideline and safety tips: 
  • Maintain and regularly inspect your bike.
  • Always wear your helmet and make sure it fits correctly.
  • Be visible by wearing bright clothes, especially during hunting season, and always when riding on a road.
  • Watch for potential hazards.
  • Ride with traffic and obey all traffic rules.
  • Warn others when approaching – bicyclists must yield to pedestrians and horseback riders.
  • Be courteous by warning others with a ring of your bell or a friendly greeting.
  • Respect the environment – avoid skidding your tires, it promotes trail erosion. Do not take short cuts or create new paths. Do not litter.
Great State Parks and Forests to Go Biking:

Air Line State Park Trail, Multi-Town
Farmington Canal Greenway, Cheshire/Hamden
Hop River State Park, Multi-Town
James L. Goodwin State Forest, Hampton (Air Line Trail)
Larkin State Park Trail, Southbury/Naugatuck/Oxford/Middlebury
Stratton Brook State Park, Simsbury
(Stratton Brook State Park Trail, part of the Farmington River Trail)
Windsor Locks Canal State Park, Windsor Locks
Windsor Meadows State Park, Windsor (Bissell Bridge Trail)


Letterboxing is fun and exciting.  It is about the adventure of finding your way through the woods, and the thrill of reaching your goal.  In letterboxing, you visit interesting locations and collect unique stamps to mark your visit. The letterboxes that DEEP's Division of Forestry has placed in Connecticut’s State Forests provide the means and inspiration for you to visit the State Forests and learn something about the state’s history, wildlife, trees and, of course, the forests!

Letterboxing involves a plastic container hidden in some specific location out in nature, along with a set of clues as to how to find that container.  Inside the container you will find a stamp and a stamp pad. The visitor uses this stamp to mark his or her visit to this letterbox site into the visitor’s own, personal record book – which you bring with you. Additionally, there is a record book in the letterbox container. The visitor uses his or her own stamp – again, also brought with you - to mark this record book, leaving a record of your visit to this letterbox.

  {Letterbox Map} So, to begin letterboxing, all that you need is a unique personal stamp (which you can either purchase or make for yourself), a record book to record your visits, and a set of clues.  As the letterboxes in the State Forests are located along trails within the forests, you should also have a good pair of walking shoes and be dressed appropriately for the weather.  Otherwise, the only other thing you need is your enthusiasm!

For more information please check out Letterboxing in Connecticut's State Forests

Great Places to Go Letterboxing