ncli: Partners


No Child Left Inside® is a statewide initiative made possible by the cooperative efforts of many organizations. With the help of our partners, we hope to connect Connecticut’s families - particularly children - with the outdoors and the many recreational opportunities our parks and forests offer. Through this effort, we also hope to mold the next generation of environmental stewards for our state.

Thank you to our partners, which include:

Connecticut Association of Public School Superintendants (CAPSS)
Connecticut Commission on Culture and Tourism
Connecticut Department of Agriculture
Connecticut Department of Children and Families
Connecticut Department of Public Health
Connecticut Forest and Park Association
Connecticut Library Consortium
Connecticut Outdoors, LLC
The Bicycle Tour Company
The Valley Railroad Company

Thank you to our volunteers, which include:

Boy Scout Troop 4
Connecticut Aquatic Resources Education
Connecticut Horse Council
Friends of Connecticut State Parks
LL Bean
Master Wildlife Conservationists
Resources in Search and Rescue
The Astronomical Society of New Haven, Inc.
Torrington Fire Department