CTMD: CTMD Record Requests


Request For and/or Release of Records


Procedures for obtaining a DD Form 214 and/or other documents needed for verification of military service the Connecticut National Guard:


1. Service member or authorized representative must complete a Standard Form 180.  Download the form by clicking this icon:

{SF 180}


2. Submit the Standard Form 180 to the Connecticut Military Department by mail, fax or e-mail:


        Via US Mail –


                State of Connecticut

                Military Department

                ATTN:  Historical Records

                360 Broad Street – Room #113

                Hartford, CT  06105-3795


        Via Fax –


                (860) 493-2721


        Via E-mail –




3. Pertinent documents available from the individual’s file will be copied, stamped and certified.  They will be mailed to the address indicated on the Standard Form 180 unless directed otherwise.


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