Wartime Service Bonus

If you have previously received benefits under the Combat Zone Payment program, you may be eligible for the Wartime Service Bonus due to the increased lifetime amount.
The Combat Zone Payment was capped at $500.00 (equivalent to 10 months of service in a combat zone).  The Wartime Service Bonus is capped at $1,200.00 if you served in a combat zone (equivalent to 24 months of service in a combat zone).
The Combat Zone Payment only included time served in a combat zone.  The Wartime Service Bonus includes all active duty time served in support of the Global War on Terrorism.  Therefore, months served conducting train-up prior to arrival in the combat zone are now included.  Also, active duty time after you return to the continental United States (CONUS) is included in the calculation.
Soldier received $500.00 from the Combat Zone Payment program for a 12 month deployment to Iraq.
The soldier also spent two months in training prior to arrival in theater and remained on active duty for one month after returning from theater.
Since the soldier received the equivalent of 10 months of benefits under the Combat Zone Payment program, under the Wartime Service Bonus program, the soldier can receive an additional $100.00 for the remaining two months served in the combat zone and an additional $150.00 for the active duty service prior to and after the deployment for a total of $250.00 additonal bonus.
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