CTMD: Governor William A. O'Neill State Armory

Governor William A. O'Neill State Armory


{Hartford Armory, Ct Military Department Headquarters}

Hartford State Armory
Hartford, CT
from a postcard dated 1914
Some of the History...
Completed in 1909, the Classical Revival-style State Armory and Arsenal in Hartford is the largest such facility in the state and serves as headquarters of the Connecticut Military Department.  Designed by architect Benjamin W. Morris (1870-1944), the building cost $869,000 and was dedicated by President William H. Taft.  The armory was restored, modernized, and rededicated in 1996.
{ReDedication Plaque - Hartford State Armory}

ReDedication Plaque

Benjamin W. Morris' design, a massive granite building, contains two parts: a large three-story U-shaped office section (head house) and a five-story drill shed.  The building measures 325 feet by 275 feet across.  The huge drill shed is 269 feet by 189 feet, and 100 feet in height.

{Hartford Armory Mid 20th Century}

{Hartford Armory 2000}

Then and Now

Left: Note the Park River flowing in front of the Armory before being paved over to form Minuteman Park and Capitol Avenue.

Mail to: Hartford Armory
360 Broad Street
Hartford, CT 06105
Telephone: (860)524-4991

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