CTMD: The Long Service Medal

The Long Service Medal

{Long Service Medal}
The Long Service Medal
Section 27-71 of the Connecticut General Statutes authorizes the The Adjutant General to issue the Long Service Medal, upon receipt of application, to each soldier or sailor who has completed ten years' faithful service in the armed forces of the state and reissued every five years thereafter.  In determination of the length of service, the term of service of any member of the armed forces of the state with military service in time of war with any of the armed forces of the nation since April 21, 1898, may be added to the number of years served with the armed forces of the state.

The Ten Year Medal is bronze, the Fifteen Year Medal is silver, the Twenty Year Medal and each subsequent medal is gold.  The ribbon is solid red with an eagle clasp indicating the years of service.
{Long Service Medal Ribbon}

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