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Connecticut General Officer Flag

{CT General Officer Flag}
The State of Connecticut General Officer Flag
Officers of the National Guard who are promoted to the rank of Brigadier General upon retirement are authorized to display this flag at formal events as well as their personal offices.
General Officer flags were first used as boat flags and were scarlet in color.  They were authorized by the War Department in 1903 for use of Army General Officers when visiting Navy vessels.  Over time, the authorization for use of these flags expanded to automobiles, field offices and formal events.
To distinguish between federally recognized General Officers, the Institute of Heraldry has authorized states to use a General Officer flag with gold fringe that is national blue with a centered white star above the crest of the state.  The Military Crest of the State of Connecticut is a single grapevine bearing three bunches of grapes.
If you have been promoted to Brigadier General - Connecticut, you may request a flag by sending a copy of your state promotion order and your current mailing address to:
Connecticut Military Department
Governor William A. O'Neill State Armory
360 Broad Street - Room #113
Hartford, CT  06105
Attn: Military Administrative Officer

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