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Mission of the CT Military Department

Protect life and property and preserve peace, order and public safety.  The principal components of the Military Department are the Army and Air National Guard and the Units of the organized Militia.  It augments state and local civil authorities in case of emergencies beyond their capabilities and provides assistance to local areas through community service programs.  The National Guard also performs its federal mission as the primary augmenter to the active federal military forces.

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Statutory Responsibility
Authority and responsibilities for the Military Department are contained in Titles 27  of the General Statutes.  The Department's principle public responsibility is to serve as the protector of citizens and their property in time of war, invasion, rebellion, riot or disaster.  It serves as the main source for the Governor in ensuring public safety in a variety of emergencies.  The basis for the Military Department rests on the foundation of the citizen-soldier serving his community.
Military Funeral Honors
The Connecticut Military Department, under the authority of the Adjutant General, provides a Honor Guard Detail for any deceased person who has served in any of the armed forces of the United States during time of war, as defined by Section 27-103 of the General Statues of Connecticut, or who has served in the National Guard for more that twenty years or who has dies while a member of the National Guard.  This authority is derived from the provisions of section 27-76 of the General Statues of Connecticut.   It also authorizes the Adjutant General to utilize Honor Guard Details from bona fide Connecticut state veterans' organizations whenever a uniformed Honor Guard Detail is unavailable.   This past year over 3,000 military funeral Honor Guard Details were conducted for qualified veterans from Connecticut.  For information on requesting a military funeral Honor Guard Detail call your local funerals director or contact the Connecticut National Guard at (860) 493-2773.


Connecticut Military Department
State Armory and Arsenal
Historical Section - Room 113
360 Broad Street, Hartford CT 06105-3795

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