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{Connecticut Minority Business Initiative}

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{Connecticut Minority Business Initiative}

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DECD knows that providing high-quality technical assistance in a wide spectrum of disciplines such as marketing, strategic and operational planning, financial analysis, contract management, and compliance is one of the best ways to support small minority owned businesses. To help you advance to the next level, DECD through its strategic partners offers:
DECD understands that supporting business and fostering entrepreneurship in communities of color is the most effective way to close the gap between minority owned businesses and non minority owned businesses.  Access to capital can be the key tipping point.  To better position your business for growth, DECD and its strategic partners offers:

DECD is committed to assisting minority businesses and contractors in obtaining greater access to state contracts. Whether you’re a startup business or you’re already established, certification can significantly help you compete in the government sector.  To start your business on the road to successful state contracting, DECD and its strategic partners offers:

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