LTCOP: Work Groups

Work Groups

Fear of Retaliation Nutrition and Hydration
In The Long Term Care Setting

  The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program joins with residents, consumers and long term care professionals to consider two serious issues facing residents of Connecticut’s long term care facilities:  Fear of Retaliation and Nutrition & Hydration. The Ombudsman Program is inviting stakeholders to join one or both of these two distinct Work Groups to explore the issues, come to better understanding and communication of the issues and propose recommendations for improvements. If you have an interest in offering your time to work toward these goals in the areas of Fear of Retaliation and Nutrition & Hydration, please contact the Long Term Care Ombudsman Program for more information. 

Fear of Retaliation:

The LTCOP believes that the problem of Fear of Retaliation is a prevalent issue in the long-term care setting.  It is also a topic that is in a large sense difficult to define and as difficult to formulate policies and programs to prevent.  For this reason the LTCOP is proposing a Work Group on Fear of Retaliation be formed. The findings of the Work Group will be brought to the 2007 VOICES Forum for further discussion with the residents.  The goal is to develop concrete strategies to deal with this serious and prevalent concern.
Nutrition and Hydration:

The Long Term Care Ombudsman Program, as well as other advocacy groups and state agencies, have identified feeding nursing home residents as a primary issue and worthy of much further investigation. As one experienced long term care Registered Dietician has stated, “all the opportunities to feed and hydrate residents during the 24 hour day must be addressed.”  The Ombudsman Program proposes this Work Group to identify strategies to provide better nutrition and hydration for long term care residents.

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