State Ombudsman Nancy Shaffer & Senator Richard Blumenthal

Celebrate The Senate Passing Of

Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act


S.178, the Elder Abuse Prevention and Prosecution Act, co-sponsored by Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA) and Sen. Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), passed the full Senate by voice vote this week. It will now be considered by the House. The EJC was thanked for its efforts in supporting the bill and advocating for its passage.


Bob Blancato, National Coordinator of the EJC, said in a statement in January on the bill: "This is one the most comprehensive and meaningful bills ever developed to address the rapidly increasing problem of elder financial abuse in America. It goes after the problem with three solutions in mind--to ensure prosecution of those perpetrating scams, improve our data collection so we better know the extent of the problem, and provide for enhanced prevention programs and activities to avert future victimization."


Per Sen. Grassley, stated in his press release :"This legislation expands data collection and information sharing to better prevent and respond to all forms of elder abuse and exploitation, including financial crimes against seniors. Specifically, the bill increases training for federal investigators and prosecutors and calls for the designation of at least one prosecutor in each federal judicial district who will be tasked with handling cases of elder abuse.  It also ensures that the Federal Trade Commission's Bureau of Consumer Protection and the Justice Department will both have an elder justice coordinator. Finally, to deter future crimes against seniors, the bill increases penalties for perpetrators - including mandatory forfeiture."

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