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State Flagship and Tall Ship Ambassador
Freedom Schooner Amistad

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 State of Connecticut, Nina Ritson photographer

In 1839, the schooner La Amistad was seized by the Navy off Long Island and towed to New London Harbor. On board were a group of Africans kidnapped from Mendi who had successfully revolted during transport from Havana to Puerto Principe and impending slavery. Imprisoned on charges of murder, the captives-assisted by abolitionists from Connecticut and surrounding states-were soon engaged in a second battle for freedom that brought the first civil rights case to be heard, and won, before the U.S. Supreme Court, and finally returned the Africans to their homeland.

Freedom Schooner Amistad--a recreation of the 19th century vessel--was constructed at Connecticut's Mystic Seaport and set sail in 2000 as both a floating classroom and monument. From her homeport at Long Wharf Pier in New Haven, she has taken the story of the Amistad Incident of 1839--and its lessons of leadership, perseverance, cooperation, justice, and freedom--to both national and international communities.

Owned and operated by the nonprofit educational organization AMISTAD America, Inc., Freedom Schooner Amistad, a proud symbol of courage and moral strength, was designated the State Flagship and Tall Ship Ambassador by the General Assembly in 2003.

Reproduced from the Connecticut State Register & Manual with permission of the Secretary of the State.

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