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Shad Resources

 Shad and Shad Roe Acknowledgements 

Haddam Shad Museum


The Founding Fish, by John McPhee, Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2002

Shad Fishing, by C. Boyd Pfeiffer, Crown Publishers, 1975


A Passion for Shad, by Richard Johnson, produced by and available at the Connecticut River Museum, 2002

Shad and Shad Roe

Frank Clark, Commercial Fisherman, 48 Maple Street, Chester, CT 06412, 860-961-1002

Hale's Shad, 273 Meadow Rd, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, 860-529-5282  

Codfather Fish Company, Connecticut Regional Market, 860-247-3474


The ConneCT Kids Committee would like to thank the following sources for their generous assistance, advice and cooperation in the creation of these shad pages.

The Haddam Shad Museum, Director Dr. Joseph Zaientz and Curator George Bernard

The Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, especially Stephen Gephard, Supervising Fisheries Biologist

The Florida Fish and Wildlife Commission and Artist Diane Peebles

The University of Connecticut

The Connecticut Seafood Council, especially Barbara Gordon, Executive Director

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