hix: Areas of Focus

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Areas of Focus
Plan Management
  • Essential Health Benefits
  • Basic Health Plan
  • Qualified Health Plans
    • QHP Certification criteria
    • CT Insurance Department rate review and approval process
    • Cost sharing at each plan level
    • Plan design options
    • Number and types of QHPs to offer in the individual and SHOP Exchanges
    • Pediatric Dental Benefits
    • Criteria used to solicit and evaluate QHPs
SHOP Exchange
  • Employee choice purchasing models
  • Participation and contribution requirements
  • Expanding the small group market to 100 prior to 2016
  • Merging individual and small group markets

Brokers, Agents and Navigators
  • Roles of Brokers, Agents and Navigators in the Exchange
  • Qualifications and licensure standards
  • Training requirements
  • Evaluation and monitoring program for Navigators and Brokers/Agents
Consumer Assistance
  • Marketing and outreach strategy
  • Evaluation and monitoring consumer outreach program
Tribal Nations Consultation
Business Operations
IT Systems
Financial Management

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