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Legal Notices

Notice of Intent to Adopt Policies and Procedures

In accordance with Section 1-121(a) of the Connecticut General Statutes, notice is hereby given that the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange (the Exchange) is proposing to adopt “Policies and Procedures: All-Payer Claims Database” pursuant to sections 138(a)(8) and (9) and 144(b)(3)(A) of Public Act 13-247. These policies and procedures establish how reporting entities are to report information and include a data submission guide which contains the specifications for and definitions of data elements.  They set out a reporting schedule; how data may be used and disclosed in compliance with privacy and confidentiality standards; the assessment for non-compliance; and, the appeal process.

Interested persons wishing to present their views on these policies and procedures are invited to do so in writing no later than September 12, 2013 (thirty (30) days following publication of this notice in the Connecticut Law Journal).  Comments can be submitted electronically to Margo Lachowicz at margo.lachowicz@ct.gov.   (The subject line should read:  Public Comment).  Comments can also be mailed to Margo Lachowicz, Access Health CT/Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange, 280 Trumbull Street, 15th Floor, Hartford, CT  06103.

Plan Design Updates -- August 30, 2013

Please note:  In accordance with the Federal Vision Plan, the plan designs have been revised to reflect a required coverage change to eye glasses for children.



Silver 70

Silver 73*

Silver 87*

Silver 94*


*Silver Cost Sharing Reduction Plans Eligibility

Individuals and families with lower incomes may be eligible to enroll in one of three Silver Cost Sharing Reduction Plans available only through Access Health CT. Cost sharing subsidies decrease out-of-pocket costs for care. These subsidies are in addition to premium subsidies. Eligibility to enroll in a silver plan with cost sharing subsidies is determined by income level and family size. The following samples illustrate the requirements that apply for the 2014 plan year:

Silver Cost Sharing Reduction Plan- 73

$22,980-$28,725 for an individual

$47,100-$58,875 for a family of four

Silver Cost Sharing Reduction Plan- 87

$17,235-$22,979 for an individual

$35,325-$47,099 for a family of four

Silver Cost Sharing Reduction Plan- 94

Less than $17,234 for an individual

Less than $35,324 for a family of four

If your annual income is estimated to be higher than these levels for your family size, you are not eligible to enroll in any of these plans. You may still be eligible for premium subsidies.

February 28, 2013
February 15, 2013

Requesting Feedback on Standardized Plan Designs

Comments requested no later than January 22, 2013

Standard Plan Designs

Reports Relating to the Standard Plan Design Team

     --  Advisory Committee Co-Chair Reports

Staff Analysis Provided to Standard Plan Design Team prior to January 8, 2013 Meeting

     --  Scenario Document for January 8, 2013 Joint Team Meeting

     --  Copy of Silver Integrated Ded COINS70.7


Staff Analysis Provided to Standard Plan Design Team after the January 8, 2013 Meeting

and shared with the Advisory Committees

     --  Standard Plan Design Team Letter

Plan Design Team

     --  Plan Design Analysis for January 17 Team Meeting

Standard Plan Design Meeting of January 17, 2013

     --  Report to the Co-Chairs on January 17, 2013 Meeting

     --  Draft Standard Plan Options

Standard Plan Design Meeting of January 22, 2013

     --   Report to the Co-Chairs on January 22, 2013 Meeting

      --   Advisory Committee Team Recommendations




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