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Vendor Contracts and Memorandums of Understanding
Memorandums of Understanding
State of Connecticut -- Connecticut Insurance Department

State of Connecticut -- Department of Administrative Services/BEST Space License

State of Connecticut -- Department of Corrections

State of Connecticut -- Office of the Lieutenant Governor

State of Connecticut -- Office of Policy and Management

                                      January 25, 2012

                                      April 1, 2012

                                      August 16, 2012 -- First Amendment


Memorandums of Agreement


State of Connecticut -- The Office of Health Reform and Innovation

State of Connecticut -- The Department of Social Services

                                               06/20/13 - Addendum One

State of Connecticut -- The Office of Healthcare Advocate

                                      08/29/13 - Addendum One

State of Connecticut -- Department of Corrections


Business Associate Agreement


State of Connecticut -- Department of Social Services


Vendor Contracts


A. R. Mazzotta   - Temporary Office Services


ABC Sign Corporation/ABC3i - Mural Installation


Adam Niklewicz - Hartford Mural


AdamsAhern SIGN Solutions, Inc. - Artwork Installation


Advent Cat Risk, LLC - Insurance Program Review

         Advent Cat Risk Exhibit A


Akamai - Security Software Services for Website
Amtex Systems, Inc. - Mobile Application Development Agreement
Bennett Services, LLC - Management Consulting Services
Capitol Cleaning - Cleaning Services
Cloud Sherpas - Google Hosted Apps for In-person Assistors
Connecticut Voices for Children - Revisions to HUSKY Eligibility Manual
Deloitte Consulting, LLP - Systems Integrator
      Statement of Work
      Additional Documents
Edyta Lortie - IT Architecture Consultant
Fitzgerald and Associates - Executive Search Firm
Freedman Healthcare, LLC - Development and Implementation of APCD Consultant 
G4S Secure Solutions - Uniformed Protection Services for 2 Enrollment Centers
Global Strategy Group, LLC - Public Relations
Gorman Actuarial - Actuarial Consultants


Hallmark Totaltech, Inc. - Temporary Technical Office Services


HES Advisors, Inc. -- Strategic Consulting and Technical Assistance including Assignment from OPM to CT Health Insurance Exchange dated April 25, 2012


Integration Partners Corporation, Inc. - Computer Hardware


Jeffers Cowherd - Legal Services

      Amendment 1


Jeffrey Wayand - Plan Management Technology Consultant 

      Amendment 1


Josephine Sempere - Training


KardasLarson, LLC   - Employee Health Benefit Analysis 


Katro Storm - New Haven Mural


KBM Group - Database Developer 


Kool Ink d/b/a Sir Speedy - Printing and Mailing Services
      Amendment 0001


KPMG   - Business Operations and IT 

     Amendment 1

     Amendment 2

     Amendment 3


Linium Staffing - Temporary and Full-Time Office Services 


Matthew Friedman, Esq.   - Legal Services
      Second Amendment


Maxdom Corporation - Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service


Maximus - Call Center Services

     Independent Contractor Agreement
     Executive Summary
     Organizational Capability

     Appendix A
     Appendix C
     Attachment 1

Mercer Health and Benefits, LLC - Research, Data Analysis and Economic Modeling to facilitate Policy Planning and the Development of CT Health Insurance Exchange


Mintz & Hoke - Consumer Outreach and Marketing
New York Health Purchasing Alliance, Inc. d/b/a/ HealthPass - Design, Development, and Implementation (DDI) Services for the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP)
On-Line Systems, Inc. - IT Consulting
Pappas MacDonnell, Inc. - Marketing Consultant
      Addendum B
Patricia A. Hackett - Network Development Consultant
R L Carey Consulting - Strategic Consulting and Technical Assistance
Rafael Cornier, Jr - Bridgeport Mural
Scan-Optics, LLC - Exemption & Appeals Related Documents
Scan-Optics, LLC - Document Process Outsource Service
Security Services of Connecticut, Inc. (SSC) - Background Screening Services
Shan Howard Jeffreys - Project Management Consulting
Shick Enterprise LLC d/b/a/ Fourteen G Design Studio - Graphic Design/Printing/Website Design/Development/Delivery Services
Shipman & Goodwin - Legal Services
Shipman & Goodwin, LLP - Legal Services for Office Lease
     05/13/2013 - Addendum - Legal Services for APCD Office Lease
Shipman & Goodwin, LLP - Legal Services for APCD Services
Stanley Stewart - Project Management Services
     Addendum 1
     Addendum 2
Synthesis Health Systems, Inc. - Design, Development and Implementation Consulting
TEK Systems - IT Recruiter 
Thomson Reuters - Determining Eligibility and Enrollment Estimates
Ultimate Staffing - Temporary and Full-Time Staffing Services
Wakely Consulting Group, Inc. - Strategic Consulting and Technical Assistance
Ward Consulting Group, LLC   - Security Audit and Evaluation
      Amendment 1
      Amendment 2

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