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As a fully functioning, stand-alone, quasi-public agency, the staff of the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange is in charge of day-to-day operations.

Staff Information   Email Address

James Wadleigh James.Wadleigh@ct.gov
Chief Executive Officer
Peter Van Loon Peter.Vanloon@ct.gov
Executive Director, Access Health Exchange Solutions
Steven Sigal Steven.Sigal@ct.gov
Chief Financial Officer
Julie Lyons Julie.Lyons@ct.gov
Director, Policy and Plan Management
Susan Rich-Bye Susan.Rich-bye@ct.gov
Director, Policy and Legal Affairs

James Michel
Director, Operations
 Kate Simon Kate.Simon@ct.gov
Sr. Staff Attorney    
Luz Cotto Luz.Cott@ct.gov
Customer Analyst
Ron Choquette Ron.Choquette@ct.gov
Director, SHOP/Small Business Sales & Operations                   
Chris Smarz Chris.Smarz@ct.gov
 IT Security Compliance Manager
Cheryl Ann Santini CherylAnn.Santini@ct.gov
IT Test Manager
Matthew Salner   Matthew.Salner@ct.gov
Policy Advisor
David Lynch David.G.Lynch@ct.gov
Contact Center Manager
Tricia Brunton Tricia.Brunton@ct.gov
Kecia Stauffer Kecia.Stauffer@ct.gov
Ann Lopes Ann.Lopes@ct.gov
Andrea Ravitz Andrea.Ravitz@ct.gov
Director, Marketing
Ellen Kelleher Ellen.Kelleher@ct.gov
Margo Lachowicz Margo.Lachowicz@ct.gov
Executive Assistant/Facilities Coordinator
Melinda Brayton Melinda.Brayton@ct.gov
Director, Human Resources
Ann Marie Chatman AnnMarie.Chatman@ct.gov
Financial Analyst
Tamim Ahmed Tamim.Ahmed@ct.gov
APCD -- Executive Director
Joshua Booth Joshua.Booth@ct.gov
Technical Support Specialist
Michele Barnett Michele.Barnett@ct.gov
Administrative Assistant
Kathleen Tallarita
Gov. Affairs & Outreach Manager
Catherine Maldonado Catherine.Maldonado@ct.gov
Operations Analyst
Chad Brooker Chad.Brooker@ct.gov
Policy Analyst
Charmaine Lawson Charmaine.Lawson@ct.gov
Health Plan Analyst
Helga McKinley Helga.McKinley@ct.gov
Call Center Analyst
Jennifer June Jennifer.June@ct.gov
SHOP Analyst
Josephine Sempere Josephine.Sempere@ct.gov
Training Coordinator Consultant
Linda Phillips Linda.Phillips@ct.gov
Administrative Assistant
Robert Blundo Robert.Blundo@ct.gov
APCD -- Manager, Data Analytics


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