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Health Plan Benefits and Qualifications



As the Exchange seeks to improve the affordability of health insurance for state residents, the Health Plan Benefits and Qualifications Advisory Committee is charged with promoting competition while offering consumers a broad choice of high-quality, affordable plans.


Board of Directors Co-Chair:

Grant Ritter, Schneider Institutes for Health Policy

Stakeholder Co-Chair:

Mark Espinosa, United Food and Commercial Workers’ Union 919

Committee Members:

Robert Tessier, Board Member

Bonnie B. Roswig, Center for Children's Advocacy

Joseph Treadwell, Connecticut Podiatric Medical Association

Kevin Galvin, Small Business for a Healthy Connecticut (SBHCT)

Marcia Petrillo, Qualidigm

Margherita Giuliano, Connecticut Pharmacists Association

Maria Diaz, Connecticut Association of Optometrists (CAO)

Robert M. McLean, M.D., Connecticut State Medical Society

Stephen A. Frayne, Connecticut Hospital Association

Kimberly R. Martone, Director of Operations, Office of Health Care Access,

      Raul Pino, M.D., Acting Commissioner, Department of Public Health



Subject Matter Expert:

Mary Ellen Breault, Connecticut Insurance Department (CID)

Staff Lead:
Shan Jeffreys, Director, Marketplace Strategies
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