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As the Exchange strives to increase access to quality, affordable health insurance, the Consumer Experience and Outreach Advisory Committee is charged with making sure all information regarding the Connecticut Health Insurance Exchange is communicated in ways accessible to all Connecticut residents, recognizing the diverse cultural, language, economic, educational and health status needs of those we serve.


Board of Directors Co-Chair:    



Stakeholder Co-Chair:

Kevin Galvin, Small Business for a Healthy Connecticut (SBHCT)


Committee Members:


Robert Scalettar, Board Member

Cecilia Woods, Board Member

Vicki Veltri, Board Member

Alta Lash, United Connecticut Action for Neighborhoods

Arlene Murphy, Prevention Council of Roanoke County

Cheryl Forbes, Small Business for a Healthy Connecticut

Deb Polun, Community Health Center Association of CT

Erica Michalowski, AARP

Susan Kelly, National Alliance on Mental illness, CT

Tanya Barrett, United Way of CT

Anita Cotto, ConnectiCare

Shawn Lang, Connecticut AIDS Resource Coalition

Sheldon Toubman, New Haven Legal Assistance Association, Inc.

Elizabeth Krause, CT Health Foundation


Subject Matter Expert:

Gerard O’Sullivan, Connecticut Insurance Department (CID)

Staff Lead:
James Michel, Director of Operations
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