HITE-CT: Consumer

The Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut (HITE-CT) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving health care for all people in Connecticut through health information exchange (HIE).
HITE-CT provides a secure electronic network, so doctors, hospitals, and other health care providers can safely share information for patient care. This technology is called health information exchange.  Health care providers and organizations that are connected to this exchange can electronically access your up-to-date health information, which helps them provide you with quality care.  Your health information will be shared in a safe and secure environment.  Only authorized health care providers will be able to access the information when and where it is needed.
How can health information exchange work for you? 
Let's say your family doctor runs a blood test.  A summary of your results are stored on the doctor's computer. This doctor and the computer are part of the exchange.  Later, you visit a heart "specialist" or go to the emergency room.  Doctors or hospitals in the exchange can pull up your health information, including the blood test, so they can provide the best possible care for you. 
Watch this short video to learn more about the benefits of health IT (information technology). 
Video created by the ONC (Office of the National Coordinator), a group that is coordinating national health IT efforts.
What are the benefits of HITE-CT to you?
   Quick assess to your health information
  • Whether you have a medical emergency or a routine doctor's visit, doctors, hospitals and other health care providers can quickly access your health information to provide the best treatment in a timely manner.
  • If you are transferred from one hospital to another, your health information will be accessible when you arrive.
   Efficient, convenient and safe medical care
  • Your health information is up-to-date, so any participating health care provider you visit can access your information including:  
             > Allergies, medications, x-rays, immunizations, and lab tests
  • You won't have to fill out your medical history over and over again.
  • Your medications and allergies will be current, so you don't have to remember them for each doctor you visit.
  • If you visit a new doctor or hospital, providers can access tests and x-rays done at previous locations. You'll have fewer repeat tests and procedures.
  • Doctors can share important medical information with each other about your care.
   Safe, secure, and protected health information
  • Only your health care providers can see your health care information. 
  • Your records can only be used for treatment, payment of health care services, or for public health purposes.
  • All access to your health information is tracked and audited.
  • The information in the health information exchange is protected according to strict federal laws around health information.  Access to your information is limited to authorized health care providers.
   Your health information belongs to you
  • You are entitled to a summary of your visit and test results.
  • Ask your doctor for a copy.
  • If you find a mistake, please ask your doctor to correct the information.
HITE-CT offers many benefits to you, but your participation is voluntary.  You get to choose whether you want your health information included.
Your health care providers are required to tell you if they are participating in the Health Information Technology Exchange of CT (HITE-CT).  When you visit a participating provider, you will receive a notice, which may accompany the provider's HIPAA privacy notification.
You Decide
If you visit a doctor's office, hospital, or clinic that is participating in HITE-CT and you do not want your health information included, simply tell the doctor or other health care provider and sign an "opt-out" form.  We encourage you to first talk to your doctor about this decision or to review the FAST FACTS about health information exchange.
By opting out of the health information exchange, emergency room doctors and other health care providers may not have access to your complete health information which could save your life in some situations.
Ask your health care provider if they are a member of HITE-CT.  Talk to them about the benefits and risks of electronic health information exchange.
Learn how HITE-CT will protect the privacy of your health information. 

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