HITE-CT: About Us

HITE-CT is a nonprofit quasi-state agency that works closely with and among communities across Connecticut to develop and implement secure systems and processes for sharing health care information.  Read more about us.
Our Vision
The State of Connecticut plans to transform the health care system through the HITE-CT to improve the quality, efficiency, and accountability of health care in Connecticut.
HITE-CT will establish and manage a statewide health information exchange to attain substantial and measurable improvements in several key areas, including but not limited to:
  • Patient access to health care and their medical records
  • Continuity and coordination of care
  • Quality of care, medical outcomes and patient experience
  • Effectiveness and efficiency of health care delivery
  • Public health outcomes
Strategic Principles
      HITE-CT Board and Committee Membership and Responsibility

Public Act 10-117, "An Act Concerning Revisions to Public Health Related Statutes and the Establishment of the Health Information Technology Exchange of Connecticut," Sec. 82-90, 96 (codified at CSG 19a-750(c)(1))

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