HITE-CT: Providers

Health Information Technology Exchange of CT (HITE-CT) is a quasi-public agency dedicated to helping providers across Connecticut provide better patient care through secure health information exchange (HIE).
What is health information exchange (HIE)?
Health information exchange (HIE) is the electronic sharing of health-related information among organizations. HIE allows for the secure, timely, and efficient delivery of health information to organizations such as physician offices, hospitals, clinics, labs, radiology centers, public health departments, and other health care institutions. Through HIE, HITE-CT wants to help with the delivery of the right health information to the right person or place at the right time.
Benefits of HITE-CT to Health Care Providers
It's more efficient
  • Automated sharing of information, less paperwork, faster access to clinical information at the point of care, fewer repeat tests and procedures
  • Easy access to patient histories and discharge summaries
Results in more informed treatment decisions
  • A more complete and up-to-date patient health record, including information from all the patient's participating health care providers
Leads to healthier patients
  • Fewer medical errors, improved patient safety, improved continuity of care, and better patient outcomes
  • Saves time and reduces paperwork
  • Facilitates more informed treatment decision-making
  • Leads to improved care coordination, higher quality of care, and better health outcomes
It's safe and secure
  • Promotes HIPAA-compliant data sharing with other health care providers
Southern New England Trust Community (SNETC) - Learn about free membership to SNETC - a network of verified providers with a need to exchange patients' protected health information. 
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