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HUSKY Changes

We hope the following information will be helpful in explaining the conclusion of the five-month transition of HUSKY member households from BlueCare Family Plan and Traditional Medicaid to the state-contracted health plans. This transition ended at the end of January 2009.
Over the last several months, the Department has sent out several notices encouraging Blue Care Family Plan and Traditional Medicaid clients to choose one of our three health plans that are staying in the HUSKY program.  The three plans are Aetna Better Health, AmeriChoice by Unitedhealthcare and Community Health Network.  If you did not choose one of these plans, the Department assigned you to one of them starting February 1, 2009.  A notice has been mailed out telling you which plan you were assigned to.  If for some reason you do not want to be in the plan you were assigned to, you can call our call center and choose a different plan.  Your plan change will take effect at the beginning of the following month.  The number for our call center is 1-800-656-6684.
Links to materials that give details and comparisons for the three health plans that are staying in the HUSKY program are below .  This includes notices mailed to certain households in the Willimantic and Waterbury areas eligible to choose to enroll in the new Primary Care Case Management initiative.
All of the health plans offer the same basic package of benefits and will help you if you have questions about finding doctors for your family.  Also, no matter which plan you have, your gray CONNECT Card will still get you pharmacy, behavioral health and dental services.  You will also be receiving a membership card from your new plan.  If you have not yet received your card and need to get medical services, please bring this notice, your gray CONNECT card or your confirmation notice with you to your medical visit.
In general, when going to the doctor’s office after changing plans, you may want to:
1.      Call your doctor before going to make sure that he or she is participating in your new health plan.
2.      If a problem arises, call the membership services number for your new health plan (member services numbers listed below); or
3.      If you still need assistance, call HUSKY Infoline at 1-877-CT-HUSKY (284-8759).
To find out more about each plan, you can contact them directly.
Aetna Better Health
Toll free 1-866-742-3120, TTY/TDD 1-866-742-4844
(Monday  - Friday, 8 am to 5 pm)
To find a provider or see if your doctor participates in the Aetna Better Health, check the Aetna Better Health Provider Directory

AmeriChoice by Unitedhealthcare
Toll free 1-866-315-2323, TTY/TDD 711
(24 hours a day, 7 days a week)
To find a provider or see if your current doctor participates in AmeriChoice by Unitedhealthcare, check the Americhoice Unitedhealthcare Provider Directory

Community Health Network of Connecticut
Toll free 1-800-859-9889, TTY/TDD 1-877-659-1252
(Monday  - Thursday, 8 am to 5 pm and Fridays 9 am to 5 pm)
To find a provider or see if your current doctor participates in Community Health Network of Connecticut, check the Community Health Network of Connecticut Provider Directory
HUSKY members or community members advocating for HUSKY members who want to bring special circumstances or specific service issues directly to the attention of DSS management are asked send a brief, explanatory email with client phone contact information to Marie.Franklin@ct.gov with a cc to Robin.Pointer@ct.gov and David.Dearborn@ct.gov. This is another avenue to assist in quality control and problem resolution as needed.
Thank you for your consideration and assistance.
CT Department of Social Services
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