GIS: Speakers

Schedule and Speakers
10:00 -3:30   Map Gallery
10:00 -11:40 Morning Track
10:00 10:25    Mashups by Kate Woodruff,  Center for Land Use Education and
                        Research, UCONN
10:25 10:50    3D Oblique Imagery, by Matt Deal, Pictometry
10:50 11:15    GIS in South Windsor, by Scott Roberts
11:15 11:40    Recent Developments at MAGIC: Incorporating Open GIS
                       Standards into Online Mapping Tools by Benjamin Spaulding,
                       Homer Babbidge Library, UCONN
11:45 12:45   Brown Bag Lunch or enjoy Campus Dining
12:45 -   2:25 Afternoon Track
12:45 1:10   GIS at Yale, by Abraham Kaleo Parrish, Map Department
  1:10 1:35   The Magic and Reality of GIS in Language Learning,  by Dr. Joel
                      Goldfield, Fairfield University
  1:35 2:00   GIS and Health by Dr. Ellen Cromley, The Institute for Community
  2:00 2:25   Contributions of GIS-Based Analysis to Managing Student 
                     Retention at State Universities by Eric West, SCSU
 2:30 3:30   Connecticut Geospatial Council Meeting  (Everyone invited!)

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