GIS: Education and Outreach

Education and Outreach Working Group

The GIS Council's Education and Outreach Working Group works with the Connecticut Geospatial Community to promote geospatial awareness through creative programs, educational outreach, and online resources as well as facilitating GIS Day activities.
To explore some of the efforts of the working group, please select any of the links below:
GIS Information GIS Day Events
An Introduction to GIS by USGS                           GIS DAY 2008 
GEO-Focus Newsletters  GIS DAY 2009
GIS Municipal Survey 
National Map by USGS GIS DAY 2011
Any input or comments for the Education and Outreach Working Group would be greatly appreciated and may be directed to:
Peter Sandgren, DEMHS, Chairperson
Telephone # 860-256-0875
Subcommittee Membership:
Bernard Asimonye, DOIT  Peter Petrella, DSS 
Arroll Borden, UWCT  Scott Roberts, Town of South Windsor
Cary Chadwick, UConn  Beth Stewart-Kelly, Military Dept. 
Bill DeGrazia, CGA  Emily Hoffhine-Wilson, UConn 
Thad Dymkowski, Town of Newington      

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