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Non-profit Organizations

Name of Organization: Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition

Category: Not-for-Profit

Contact: Cris Schaefer

Phone 203-267-1700

The Pomperaug River Watershed Coalition was formed by residents of Bethlehem, Woodbury, and Southbury, CT in 1999 to protect the quality and quantity of water in the Pomperaug Watershed--a 90 square mile area that provides both water and recreational opportunities for thousands of residents.

One of the newest features on the Coalition’s website is an interactive map showing the results of volunteer streamwalks that have been conducted throughout the Watershed over the course of five years.  Each survey location is designated on the map and, by clicking on a completed survey, you can access the information that streamwalk volunteers collected and recorded about the area that they surveyed. Such information as depth of water, streambank condition, pollution sources and surrounding vegetation, as well as the names of volunteers who conducted the surveys, are linked to the locations. The map is located at


  {Survey of the Pomeraug Watershed}

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