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State Government Agencies:


Office of Policy and Management: The Office of Policy and Management (OPM) is required by Sections §16a-24 through §16a-33 of the Connecticut General Statutes to prepare a State plan of conservation and development on a recurring five-year cycle. The Plan serves as a statement of the development, resource management and public investment policies for the State. An overview of the Plan text and Locational Guide Map policies can be accessed at: data associated with the Locational Guide Map can be downloaded or viewed by town, region, or statewide at:


Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station:

The Connecticut Agricultural Experiment Station Invasive Aquatic Plant Program (CAES IAPP) is a state agency utilizing GIS to determine the distribution of invasive aquatic plants in Connecticut lakes and ponds.  In a first-of-its-kind survey to obtain detailed aquatic plant data in Connecticut, locations of plant species were recorded using a Trimble GeoXT and then downloaded to ArcGIS 9.  Observed plant areas, converted into georeferenced polygons, were also added to the map.  These interactive maps are used on CAES IAPP’s website: to educate the public about invasive aquatic plants, to provide baseline data useful in determining how native aquatic plant communities change in response to invasion, and to track the spread of invasive aquatic plants in Connecticut water bodies.  GIS models will be used to predict future invasions in Connecticut lakes and ponds by comparing factors such as water chemistry, land use, and sediment type with successful invasions.  Ultimately, GIS data will be used in the management of invasive aquatic plants in Connecticut.
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