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Municipal Government Websites
Streets, zoning, voting, and wetlands maps
Municipal parcel, land use data and zoning, 2004 CT orthophotos, wetlands, soils and floodplain data, 2000 census data, printing or exporting to PDF (Acrobat) format in 8.5x11 or 11x17, parcel selection and address search, mailing label generation, map markup, distance and area measurement

Display maps the town, search for assessment and permit information, by address or owner, obtain a list of property owners, check to see if your property is in a flood plain and other features

Delinquent real estate accounts, property record information, tax calculator, FY07-08 forms, index of surveys and maps, services
Assessment lookup

Property, tax, and utilities

 Hartford GIS also manages all of the GIS licenses, and software used by the departments in the City except the Police Department. There are many data layers that we maintain, they include but are not limited to the following: address points, property lines, dimensions, building footprints, road edges, parking lots, driveways, sidewalks, fences, vegetation, and other planimetric and citywide datasets as needed. HGIS maintains the owner and address information for the 311 software, MUNIS, and Firehouse software which is utilized by the Fire department. In addition, we are responsible for maintaining the software and servers that support the Assessors Computer Aided Mass Appraisal (CAMA) System. HGIS manages a contract with Pictometry International that provides yearly oblique aerial and orthographic imagery for the City.

Parcels, wetlands, roads, zoning and vision assessment data, interactive mapping feature, dynamic buffer, online map gallery with town grid maps, zoning and parcel maps

Parcel map, parcel orthophoto map, zoning map, wetland, floodplain map

Base, tax, historic, voter districts, and watersheds

Parcel map, parcel orthophoto map, zoning map, wetland, floodplain map

Aerial photos, tax parcels, zoning, parks, flood zones, wetlands, streets, school districts

Zoning, voting districts, refuse collection, municipal property, land use, wetlands, school districts, census tracts  (Note: not on internet; must pay for services)

Property town map search, town wide map gallery, town grid maps and interactive mapping


The GIS division is responsible for creating, updating, and disseminating all computerized mapping and associated database files to all departments within our local government and the public in the City of Waterbury
Online maps
Standard map print-outs and custom mapping

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