GIS: Workgroups

                  The working Groups of the GIS Council
Data Inventory and Assessment: The Data Inventory and Assessment
Group shall identify framework datasets for Connecticut, establish
subcommittees tasked to evaluate, document, and provide
recommendations for each
framework dataset.  It will establish policies, standards,
and general procedures for the
submission, evaluation, maintenance, online access,
and dissemination of all geospatial
data within the purview of the Council.

Education and Outreach: The GIS Council's Education and Outreach Working
Group works with Connecticutís Geospatial Community to promote geospatial awareness
through creative programs, educational outreach, and online resources. 

Legal and Security: The Legal and Security Working Group reviews court
and pending litigation to determine the impact on the industry while
also serving as a
forum for the discussion and analysis of key legal questions
affecting the industry.

GIS Council Finance: The Finance Working Group identifies existing and new
funding resources for
the GIS Council and the State of Connecticut that support
the Strategic Plan.

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