GIS: Pictometry: Oblique Imagery training.

Pictometry: Oblique Imagery training.


Pictometry What is it?


Pictometry is a low altitude aerial pilot photography of Connecticut coastal region, shot from the four oblique (angled) compass points and straight down (orthogonal), with such precision that measurements can be made down to within 6 inches. This revolutionary digital imaging process and software program maps each pixel of a digital land image to actual geographic coordinates.


Your privacy is protected! Facial and physical features, license plate numbers and the like are NOT readable in the images, no matter how large you magnify them.


Want to learn more about Pictometry and how to use it?


We will be having 2 day Basic End User classes and an advanced user class on March, 10th and 11th at the State Armory, 360 Broad Street, Hartford, CT, starting at 9:30 am. Each class takes roughly about 2.5hrs long. The first session is the Basic training and the afternoon session will be the advanced User training.  


The pre-requisite for advanced user class is to have attended the Basic class. Since we will be discussing deployments and more technical topics, the participants must have a working knowledge of Pictometry.


Training Overview

Note: ADVANCED REGISTRATION IS REQUIRED to insure that there are enough handouts and computers available. Please read below as to how to register.

Handouts  and Download:

Future flight Questionnaire.

Quick reference guide.

                                               Updates and Presentation

End user training

Advanced User training

EFS 2.7R1.11 (contact me directly for this software)






Please send an email to and please include the following: your name, town/agency name/RPO, emails address, office phone number. The 10th has been reserved for the following towns/agencies/RPO that has a signed subdivision user Agreement and have the data. The 11th is slated for towns/agencies/RPO who are interested but at this time do not have the data.

Once your registration is processed you should receive an acknowledgement email


Note: This is a train to trainer program. Which means that the training will be limited to one representative per organization who will train others within their organization on how to use the software. Traditionally, these classes fill up pretty fast, so if conditions change, please send a cancellation or change request as soon as you become aware.

Parking instructions:

The general assembly are in session so we could not provide parking. We encourage side street parking or some lots around the General Assembly have paid parking.

If there are any questions, please feel free to contact me directly by phone or email.

Sincerely yours,


Bernard Asimonye

Department of Information Technology

101 East River drive, East Hartford, CT 06108


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