fosteradopt: Why Foster or Adopt?


Why Foster or Adopt?

  • Becoming a Foster Parent

    One foster/adoptive father answers it best: "Kids show you how beautiful life can be." He goes on to say: "It's about having a family. When you get these kids in your house, you can't help but fall in love."

    Parents who adopt children and provide foster care say it's the most fulfilling and important thing they've ever done. As a foster or adoptive parent, you'll have the chance to make a REAL difference -- to do something that will have lasting importance.

    Children waiting to be adopted and children living in temporary foster care need adults in their lives to let them know they matter. They need parents to be positive role models and teach them to ride a bike, or pick out a prom dress, or talk about what happened in school each day. They need adults who care.

    At the Department of Children and Families, we hope you'll consider stepping forward. If you do, we'll be by your side to provide training, financial assistance, and social workers to support you.

    Help take a child from "longing" to "belonging." Call 1-888-KID-HERO to find out more.

    We all have love to give.


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