FOI: The FOI Act

The FOI Act
This compilation of the Freedom of Information Act is unofficial and for the convenience of the public only. While every effort was made to attain complete accuracy herein, the reader is advised to consult the Connecticut General Statutes for the official codification of the law.
 2018 FOI Act - Entire Act
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 2018 FOI Act Index
  {Final Decisions} Section 1-200 (Formerly Sec. 1-18a) - Definitions.
  {Final Decisions} Section 1-201 (Formerly Sec. 1-19c) - Division of Criminal Justice deemed not to be public agency, when.
  {Final Decisions} Section 1-202 (Formerly Sec. 1-20e) - Application of freedom of information provisions to agency committee composed entirely of individuals who are not members of the agency.
  {Final Decisions} Secs. 1-203 and 1-204 Reserved for future use.
  {Final Decisions} Section 1-205. (Formerly Sec. 1-21j) - Freedom of Information Commission.
  {Final Decisions} Section 1-205a. Recommended appropriations.  Allotments.
  {Final Decisions} Section 1-206. (Formerly Sec. 1-21i) - Denial of access to public records or meetings.  Appeals.  Notice.  Orders.  Civil penalty.  Service of process upon commission.  Frivolous appeals.
  {Final Decisions} Secs. 1-207 to 1-209. Reserved for future use.
  {Final Decisions} Section 1-210. (Formerly Sec. 1-19) - Access to public records. Exempt records.
  {Final Decisions} Section 1-211. (Formerly Sec. 1-19a) - Disclosure of computer-stored public records. Contracts.  Acquisition of system, equipment, software to store or retrieve nonexempt public records.
  {Final Decisions} Section 1-212 (Formerly Sec. 1-15.) - Copies and scanning of public records.  Fees.
  {Final Decisions} Sec. 1-213. (Formerly Sec. 1-19b) - Agency administration. Disclosure of personnel, birth and tax records. Disclosure of voice mails by public agencies. Judicial records and proceedings.
  {Final Decisions} Sec. 1-214 (Formerly Sec. 1-20a) - Public employment contracts as public record. Objection to disclosure of personnel or medical files.
  {Final Decisions} Sec. 1-214a - Disclosure of public agency termination, suspension or separation agreement containing confidentiality provision.
  {Final Decisions} Sec. 1-215 (Formerly Sec. 1-20b) - Record of an arrest as public record. Exception.
  {Final Decisions} Sec. 1-216. (Formerly Sec. 1-20c) - Review and destruction of records consisting of uncorroborated allegations of criminal activity.
  {Final Decisions} Sec. 1-217 - (Formerly Sec. 1-20f) - Nondisclosure of residential addresses of certain individuals.
  {Final Decisions} Sec. 1-218 - Certain contracts for performance of governmental functions.  Records and files subject to the Freedom of Information Act.
  {Final Decisions} Sec. 1-219 - Veterans' military records.
  {Final Decisions} Secs. 1-220 to 1-224 - Reserved for future use.
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-225 (Formerly Sec. 1-21) - Meetings of government agencies to be public.  Recording of votes.  Schedule and agenda of meetings to be filed and posted on web sites.  Notice of special meetings.  Executive sessions. 
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-226 (Formerly Sec. 1-21a) - Recording, broadcasting or photographing meetings.
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-227 (Formerly Sec.  1-21c) - Mailing of notice of meetings to persons filing written request. Fees. 
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-228 (Formerly Sec. 1-21d) - Adjournment of meetings.  Notice. 
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-229 (Formerly Sec. 1-21e) - Continued hearings.  Notice. 
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-230 (Formerly Sec. 1-21f) - Regular meetings to be held pursuant to regulation, ordinance or resolution.
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-231 (Formerly Sec. 1-21g) - Executive sessions.
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-232 (Formerly Sec. 1-21h) - Conduct of meetings.
{Final Decisions} Secs. 1-233 to 1-239 - Reserved for future use.
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-240 (Formerly Sec. 1-21k) - Penalties.
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-241 (Formerly Sec. 1-21l) - Injunctive relief from frivolous, unreasonable or harassing freedom of information appeals.
{Final Decisions} Sec. 1-242 - Actions involving provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.  Notice of litigation to the Freedom of Information Commission.  Intervention by commission.
{Final Decisions} Secs. 1-243 to 1-259 - Reserved for future use.

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