Fatherhood Initiative: About Us

About Us

Our Goal

The John S. Martinez Fatherhood Initiative of Connecticut is a broad-based, multi-agency, statewide program led by the Department of Social Services that is focused on changing the systems that can improve fathers’ ability to be fully and positively involved in the lives of their children.
Our Objectives

The objectives of the initiative are to provide dads with the skills and supports they need to get involved in the lives of their children and stay connected by
• Promoting public education concerning the financial and emotional responsibilities of fatherhood;
• Assisting men in preparation for the legal, financial and emotional responsibilities of fatherhood;
• Promoting the establishment of paternity at childbirth;
• Encouraging fathers, regardless of marital status, to foster their emotional connection to and financial support of their children;
• Establishing support mechanisms for fathers in their relationship with their children, regardless of their marital and financial status; and
• Integrating state and local services available for families.
Services Offered
The Fatherhood Initiative of Connecticut provides supports to eleven (11) DSS certified fatherhood program sites statewide. Each site offers a comprehensive set of services including but not limited to the following:
Intensive Case Management
Services include, but are limited to, direct service or referrals for the establishment of paternity; establishment of or response to child support order(s) and/or access/visitation/custody order(s); applying for public assistance benefits; housing; employment, job readiness, education, and training; parenting and co-parenting; self-help and counseling; transportation; legal assistance; mental health and substance abuse services;, pregnancy prevention; domestic violence; conflict resolution and anger management; relationship mediation; personal development; life skills, responsible fatherhood, and health.
Economic Stability Services
These services are designed to address program participants’ immediate employment, training and other social services support needs, to assist toward becoming economically stable. Services may be provided directly or through referral and may include, but are not limited to, the following:  financial literacy, budgeting, understanding personal finances, financial institutions and services they offer, credit, setting financial goals, homeownership and retirement planning.
Group Sessions
Curriculum-based group sessions are offered and include such topics as fathering, family roles, discipline, child development, balancing work and family, and getting involved with your children.

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