experienced: Your Mobility

Your Mobility

Information for Handicapped Customers

Driver Planning Agreement - AAA and The American Occupational Therapy Association



AARP driver safety program



Senior driving program AAA



SeniorLine Driving Resources



Older Patients Driving Safety - The American Medical Association



How to Help an Older Driver - A Guide for Planning Safe Transportation - AAA



Driver's 65 Plus: Check Your Performance - AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety



Smart Features for Older Drivers - Mobility, Comfort and Value  - Institute for

Mobility, Activity and Participation at the University of Florida



Roadwise Review Interactive Assessment - AAA



Hartford Hospital Mature Driver Safety Program



Senior Drivers Information - The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration



Drive Well Toolkit - The American Society on Aging and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration



Elders Swap the Independence of Driving for a Safer Ride - American Society on Aging



Safety and Resource Guide for Experienced Drivers - State of Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles and AAA



Driving Change - The California Highway Patrol Talks to Older Drivers (video)



Public Broadcasting System Documentary on Safety and Older Drivers (video)

Who's Going to Drive Miss Daisy? The Challenge of Older Drivers  (video) - The University of Calgary and the American Medical Association

How Aging and Medical Conditions Can Affect Driving (video) - University of California San Diego School of Medicine

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