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Office of State Ethics Mission

The Connecticut Office of State Ethics practices and promotes the highest ethical standards and accountability in state government by providing education and legal advice, ensuring disclosure, and impartially enforcing the Codes of Ethics.         



Thank you for serving the State of Connecticut. 


As a public official you are bound by the State Code of Ethics.  Please find below

information that will provide you with an introduction to the Code of Ethics

and how it applies to you in your position. 



  Public Officials and State Employees Guide to the Code of Ethics  (Rev.1/2014)  


  Notice Concerning Annual Statements of Financial Interests


  Conflict of Interest Disclosure Form     


  Additional Information for Public Officials and State Employees


  We encourage you to spend time on this site and to call our office with any questions.


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Office of State Ethics
18-20 Trinity Street, Suite 205
Hartford, CT   06106-1660
Main Phone Number: 860-263-2400
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