Ethics: Forms



Necessary Expenses and Gifts to the State



Necessary Expenses and Gifts to the State Form




Statements of Financial Interests



Individuals who leave state service prior to May 1, 2019 should file

the 2018 form and include the portion of 2019 for which they served.


File SFI Electronically  



2018 Paper Form   




State Marshals



State Marshals Must File Annual Statements of Income



The Annual Statement of Income cannot be filed electronically.  You must print and

mail or hand deliver the disclosure.


2018 PDF Fillable Form  

(Form Available January 1, 2018)


2018 Blank Paper Form 

(Form Available January 1, 2018)




 File a Complaint



Citizenís Guide to Filing a Complaint 

(Rev. 2/2016)


File Ethics Complaint  




Other Forms



Report of Item(s) Valued at $10 or More 

Disclosure of Conflict of Interest


Mailing Address:

Office of State Ethics

18-20 Trinity Street, Suite 205

Hartford, CT   06106-1660


Main Phone Number: 860-263-2400


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