Ethics: Advisory Opinion No. 1993-8

Advisory Opinion No. 1993-8
Advisory Opinion No. 1993-8

Member Of Law Firm Serving As Consultant
To Legislative Committee

Attorney William W. Bouton III, has been asked to serve as a consultant to the General Assembly’s Commerce Committee.  Attorney Bouton has asked if his service to the committee will restrict his law firm’s ability to represent clients involving proceedings with the State.

In general, the Code of Ethics for Public Officials, Connecticut General Statutes, Chapter 10, Part I, applies to public officials and state employees.  As a consultant to the Commerce Committee, Attorney Bouton is neither a public official nor state employee.  See Conn. Gen. Stat. 1-79(k), 1-79(m).  One provision of the Code, however, does apply to consultants and independent contractors.  Conn. Gen. Stat. 1-86e.  In summary, that provision prohibits use of confidential information, accepting other state contracts which would impair one’s independence of judgment, or accepting or giving anything of value to influence one’s actions.  Id.  Therefore, under the Code, the law firm will not be restricted from representing clients in matters involving the State.

By order of the Commission,

Christopher T. Donohue


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