DECD: Office of Responsible Development

Office of Responsible Growth Summary

Responsible Growth is defined as economic, social and environmental development that incorporates land use and resources in ways that enhance the long-term quality of life for current and future generations of Connecticut residents.  Responsible Growth supports a vibrant and resilient economy, preserves natural resources, and maximizes previous investments in existing infrastructure while preserving distinctive landscapes, historic structures, landmarks, and villages.
The Office of Responsible Development (ORD) manages programs and projects to foster growth and sustain Connecticut's communities.  ORD's responsibilities include 1) advising the commissioner on responsible growth policies; 2) managing, planning and development projects to promote responsible growth; 3) reviewing and recommending program modifications and new programs to promote responsible growth; and 4) collaborating with other state agencies to improve the programs, and review approval and permitting processes that affect/advance responsible growth.
New development seeking DECD and other state assistance should give priority to sites within built-up areas and encourage reuse of Brownfields and other commercial properties before committing resources to converting open space and agricultural land.