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Programs and Opportunities

Student Opportunities

The State of Connecticut Department of Economic and Community Development has compiled a list of student opportunities available in Connecticut, the New England region, and in some cases nationally.

Air & Waste Management Association Scholarship  

The Connecticut Chapter of the Air & Waste Management Association, New England Section, is inviting Connecticut residents to apply if they are high school seniors accepted as full-time college students or full-time college students pursuing courses of study in science or engineering leading to careers in the environmental field, especially air pollution control or waste management.



The Corporation for National & Community Service offers through AmeriCorps many opportunities for young adults to be placed into intensive service positions where they can learn valuable work skills, earn money for education, and develop an appreciation for citizenship.  Click here for opportunities in Connecticut.


Bioscience Clearinghouse  
Learn about the bioscience industry and associated careers with North Carolina’s Bioscience Clearinghouse.  There are resources for K-12 students including workshops, conferences, internships, and camps.

CAMPY (Connecticut Association for Mathematically Precocious Youth) is a network of teachers, students, and parents, working together to provide opportunities for students gifted in math.  CAMPY on Campus is an all day workshop each year hosted on a Connecticut college campus.  Check the website for more information about CAMPY on Campus.

Central Connecticut AHEC Health Careers Exploration
The mission of the Central Area Health Education Center, Inc. (Central AHEC) Health Careers Division includes goals to help students improve knowledge of health careers, increase understanding of health disparities, promote personal development and growth, and support the completion of education and career goals. Click here for programs : The Rising S.T.A.R Annual Conference, AmeriCorps Program, Collegiate Health Service Corps (CHSC), and the Youth Health Service Corps (YHSC).

Every year CivicsFirst sponsors law-related education programs with a goal to include citizenship and democracy education programs into the curriculum of all Connecticut schools. Some offerings include essay and art contests, mock trials, debates, and "Congressional" hearing for middle and high school students, and seminars and teacher training for educators. Popular statewide events for public and private high schools include the "High School Forensics Crime Scene Investigation Competition" and the "Great CT High School Debate."   Click here for the programs .

The summer is a great time to research and plan your future career options, here are a few suggestions.

Connecticut Ambassador Program 
If you are a Connecticut resident, sign up for your tourism information kit and be a Connecticut Ambassador.  You’ll receive free tools and information, plus special offers and volunteer opportunities. Impress friends and family with all things Connecticut--its charm, heritage, adventure, fun, and incredible natural beauty.

Connecticut Career Choices  
The initiative is focused on the development of curriculum aligned with both industry and state standards that can be adapted to any type of school within Connecticut.  Its three-tiered approach includes topics in information technology, biotechnology, and e-commerce.  There is also information on the Connecticut High School Innovation Expo.

Connecticut Career/Job Fairs  
This website lists job fairs in Connecticut that students might be interested in attending.

Connecticut State Department of Education  – Connecticut's GED® Testing Program
Haven’t completed high school yet?  Open the doors to your future college and career path by first obtaining your Connecticut's General Educational Development (GED) diploma – your future starts here.  The GED test is offered in English or Spanish. 

Connecticut State Department of Motor Vehicles - Teen video contest
Get your high school committed to teen driving safety!  The Travelers is co-sponsoring the annual Connecticut high school contest for 25-second videos that feature two or more teen driving laws.  Click here for 2016 contest rules at the Center for Teen Safe Driving website.  Click here to see featured student videos.

Connecticut Distance Learning Consortium (CTDLC) 
Visit this site to plan your education, read about how to succeed.

Connecticut Film & Digital Media Workforce 
Connecticut is offering new opportunities for students desiring to enter a qualified workforce for the State's growing film and digital media industry. The newest training program provides much-needed skills to strengthen our state's production infrastructure, and will help producers and companies looking to carry out long-term productions in Connecticut.

Connecticut Humane Society 
Get local first-hand experience working with and caring for animals.

Connecticut Invention Convention  
The Connecticut Invention Convention provides a showcase for grade K-8 students to display their inventions and check out inventions developed by their peers and UCONN engineering students.  It also gives students the opportunity to experience the UCONN campus.

Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program (CPEP)

The Connecticut Pre-Engineering Program identifies, inspires and ignites the desire of under-represented youths to pursue science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) fields. Launched in 1986, CPEP works in partnership with other organizations and businesses to offer engaging activities for students that will foster interest and excitement and improve each student’s knowledge, understanding and attitude toward STEM careers.


Connecticut Student Film Festival

A program for Connecticut middle and high schools and select community college students.


CTWorks offers free workshops like resume writing, self-assessments, interviewing techniques, and more.  There are thirteen CTWorks locations throughout the state. 


Digital Media Academy - Teen Courses and Summer Camps

The Digital Media Academy offers a summer camp series at cost for students interested in digital media through a range of STEM camps and tech interests, including digital filmmaking, game design, iPhone® programming, robotics, application development, and more. The week-long courses are offered at various universities around the country.


Discovery to Cure: High School Summer Internship Program at Yale
The Discovery to Cure: High School Summer Internship program is a 6-week program for high school juniors designed to promote interest in the science and medical fields. The program exposes selected students from both local and international high schools to a research environment in Yale's laboratories. Application information is included.


Earning Your Connecticut High School Diploma 
This site presents relevant information on the state's minimum requirements and two videos--one on the difference between earning a GED (general education development) versus earning a high school diploma, and the other on earning a Connecticut high school diploma.

Education World  
Education World is a website that offers lots of information to teachers of all grades, including lesson plans, professional development, technology integration, and school issues.  Visitors can also sign up for the free newsletters.

Energetic Materials Research and Testing Center  (EMRTC)  
EMRTC offers many opportunities for those individuals seeking an exciting career working with explosives and in related scientific and engineering fields. EMRTC offers many opportunities for both graduate and undergraduate students through New Mexico Tech; students can work as regular employees, as interns for various programs and as research assistants.

EntrePrep Summer Institute
EntrePrep is a summer program for students who have completed their sophomore or junior year of high school and are interested in entrepreneurial studies.  It is a week-long residential program and costs $795 tuition, room and board upon acceptance. A limited number of scholarships are available.

Federal Reserve Bank of Boston – Academic Competitions 
The Federal Reserve Bank of Boston sponsors a College Fed Challenge (CFC). A great way to test student knowledge of economic concepts such as monetary policy, consumer education, basic economics, and economic history.

Free Workshops Offered at CT Works Centers

Check the list of various free workshops available through the statewide offices of the Connecticut Department of Labor. Different offices may offer different job-related seminars. Click on each office link for the registration procedures. Classes are free and open to the public. 


Government Finance Officers Association

Opportunities for internships, scholarships, and other available scholarships.

Greenwich International Film Festival  {NEW!}

To celebrate gifted artists and tomorrow’s great filmmakers, and to promote Greenwich, Connecticut, as a film and visual arts epicenter.  Second annual festival will be in June 2016. All volunteers must be 16 years or older. Volunteers who work parties or special events must be 21 years or older. 



A web-based educational resource to engage students in learning about the democratic process and the exercise of rights.

Job Corps
Job Corps is a free technical education and training program for over 100 careers, helping individuals earn a high school diploma or GED, develop lifetime skills, and receive counseling to find and keep a good job. Students can receive housing, meals, basic health care, a living allowance in addition to the training and preparation for a career all at no cost.

A great way to gain valuable experiences and references while exploring first hand career and vocational interests in the Connecticut courtroom setting.  Could possibly also serve to fulfill school-mandated community service hours as part of graduation requirements.

Leadership Greater Hartford’s Youth Programs  
High Hopes, Lexus Nexus, and Summer Ground are three of the programs offered by Leadership Greater Hartford, designed to provide youths training and coaching to learn more about themselves, to help learn and develop potential leadership skills through engagement in the local community.

Do you consider yourself an independent student who prefers to learn at your own pace? Ever wonder how a subject is taught at the college level?  How would you like to try a course at one of the world's top universities without stepping foot into the classroom?  The "MIT Open Course Ware" is made available by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)it's a great resource and it's absolutely free. Here's your opportunity to read or watch actual MIT classroom materials straight from the OCW website, or you may download materials to study later offline, and remember to check back frequently for updates.  Best of all: no grades!  Here's a page especially designed for high school students and teachers  so Get Started with OpenCourseWare !


National Craft Championships

Associated Builders and Contractors’ (ABC) annual National Craft Championships (NCC) celebrates ABC’s and its member firms’ training and education efforts. Craft trainees from chapter and member firm training programs across the country come together to compete in the annual National Craft Championships—an intense two-day event, at which young men and women compete in one of 15 competitions, representing 13 crafts.

Ocean Explorer Academy and Ocean Camp    
Project Oceanology of the University of Connecticut at Avery Point (Groton, CT) presents two programs: 

Ocean Explore Academy” is a week long summer day camp of hands-on, minds-on marine science brought to students of Connecticut towns. Young students will learn biology, chemistry, geology and physics while cruising and doing oceanographic research down the waters of Long Island Sound; studying tidal marshes, rocky intertidal zones, sandy beaches and near-shore marine life; and taking the data and samples collected and making scientific discoveries in UConn’s modern research labs.
Ocean Camp” is a 5 day residential camp for high school students, providing field study excursions that combine marine environment and habitat exploration with laboratory research activities, offering an excellent review of CMT & CAPT science concepts. With professional marine scientists, camp participants learn to use marine science research equipment such as sediment corers, salinity meters, nutrient test kits, dissolved oxygen meters, otter trawls and seine nets.

Splash is a weekend event in November for students in grades 7-12 to get their feet wet in a variety of subjects, specifically science and math.  This is an educational studies program hosted by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).
StartUp America  
The StartUp America offers unpaid (minimum 15-hours per week) internships to enthusiastic and industrious undergraduate and graduate students committed to entrepreneurship, civic engagement, and interested in working hard to support the Startup America Partnership mission in Washington, D.C., and/or in Southwest Connecticut. Interns can come from a wide range of interests and majors to provide office and administrative support in areas of: communications, partnerships, startup regions, and website/platform. May work special events projects.

Sustainable Engineering Internship

"Integrated Island Engineering Systems for Sustainability: How Power, Water and Sanitation Systems on a Small Island Can Help Us Understand Larger Issues in Sustainability." Read up on this paid student internship to research the unique location and nature of Appledore Island and Shoals Marine Laboratory   "an unparalleled opportunity for engineering students."


U.S.  Department of Agriculture – USSC Smarter Lunchrooms

HealthierUS School Challenge “Smarter Lunchrooms” engages the community to engage and make positive changes for life-long benefits.


U.S. Department of Energy(DOE) – Workforce Development for Teachers/Scientists (WDTS)  {NEW!}
This program leverages the expertise of its six DOE research program offices, the unique capabilities at DOE’s laboratories, and in partnership with other WDTS partners and other federal agencies to sponsor workforce training programs designed to motivate students and educators to pursue STEM education and related careers that will contribute to discovery science as well as science for the national need.


U.S. Department of Homeland Security – FLETC College Intern Program

The Federal Law Enforcement Training Centers (FLETC) College Intern program (CIP) provides opportunities for college students majoring in criminal justice, criminology, business, information technology, social science related fields, or a related field of study from across the country. to participate in a Federal Law Enforcement training environment. Click here for Student and Recent Graduate Job Opportunities .

U.S. Government Publishing Office (GPO)
Check out this webpage filled with several ways to explore career paths at the Government Publishing Office, where things are going electronic and digital. The Federal Career Internship Program, the Student Educational Employment Program, and the Emerging Leaders Program (ELP) are just some of the things to look into.

Volunteer Connecticut    
Search your local town for volunteer opportunities. Start building skills and discovering your interests now. 

World Health Organization (WHO)

Click here for student internships  and click here for junior professional program in world countries.


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