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All Career Clusters

16 Career Clusters 
Free sample plans of study templates for each of the 16 career clusters and industry and economic cluster cross-reference information. From the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium

BLS Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH)
View the U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics home for the “Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2010-2011", a definitive source for identifying occupational trends, training and education, earnings, expected job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions.

Career Clusters
Plans of Study for the 16 career clusters, presented by the Pathways to College and Career Readiness.
Career Cruising  
Interest assessments, in-depth occupation profiles, multimedia informational interviews; comprehensive college, university and financial aid information; engaging Career Portfolio Tool, Career Advisor Management System; printable lesson plans, assignments and worksheets. To evaluate this online tool for your school, click to view the 52 minute Career Cruising overview. 
Career Videos in Spanish 
U.S. Department of Labor’s CareerOneStop site for free videos in Spanish, listed alphabetically by occupation.
Connecticut Career Posters – Job Journeys
Connecticut Department of Labor "Connecticut Labor Market Information" site has posted a great series of Job Journeys posters for the 16 Connecticut Career Clusters.  Each of the Connecticut Career Posters includes information regarding some of Connecticut's in-demand occupations within each career/industry cluster, grouped by level of education or training required and average annual wage.
Connecticut Career Clusters Job Journeys Posters
Job Journeys Posters by Connecticut Department of Labor 8.5x11 (16-page file)
Job Journeys Posters by Connecticut Department of Labor 11x17 (16-page file)
EdGate – Future Focus Career Clusters  
A resource for resources, this Career and Technical Education Center site provides educators and counselors with lessons plans and help teaching Career and technical subjects through the Internet.
Free registration to receive learning modules by email.  Visit this site for teaching and learning materials, and ideas based on New York Times content. Teachers can use or adapt the lessons across inter-disciplinary subject areas and levels. Students can respond to NYTimes Opinion questions, take our News Quizzes, learn the Word of the Day, try the Test Yourself questions, complete a Fill-In or read Poetry Pairings.
Resources for Implementing Career Clusters
Sponsored by the National Association of State Directors of Career Technical Education Consortium, this site includes ideas for shared planning, curriculum, interdisciplinary teams, education partnerships, career development and administrative support.

Skills Search – O*NET Online Help
Here are O*NET Online instructions for finding occupations based on skill sets.  Once you understand how the database works, click here for the Skills Search page [] to elect skills from one of the six groups listed, then press “Go”, or use the Advanced Search for more options. 
The Ups and Downs of Occupations” lesson plan for high school students to learn how to search for careers, occupations, and jobs online, to find out about the latest trends in employment, and to discuss the importance of education and training in the job market. Provides an inter-disciplinary approach.  For other lessons and activities visit the “Lessons Activities – Careers” page. 
For more information on careers and career planning, please see "The Toolbox" within this Next Generations Careers Resource Connections site.
Individual Career Clusters
Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources (includes Marine Science)

Agriculture in the Classroom (AITC)  
This website offers resources for teachers, including lesson plans that can be downloaded, webquests, and materials that can be loaned through state AITC programs.  It also has AgroWorld, a bimonthly E-zine developed for secondary educators and their students. Each issue features current events, classroom resources, activities, and grant opportunities that enhance standards based on science, applied technology, and social studies curricula.  There is also a student center for students to learn fun facts about agriculture and get help with science fair projects.
Connecticut Agricultural Education Foundation (CTAEF)
This website has information specific to Connecticut, including the CT chapter of AITC.  The CT Farm City is where students and adults visit a local farm to experience what it is like to work on a real farm.  The CTAEF creates a calendar with a commodity of the month, with additional resources for each commodity available on this website.
A resource for teachers and parents to educate students about caring for the ocean and the creatures that live there. Features web links to facts and figures, many interesting and colorful videos of oceanic marine biology, and handy tips about how to prepare for a career in marine biology.
Explore Long Island Sound  
A web site to view, study, and better understand the fascinating bio-diverse ecosystem of the Long Island Sound. The University of Connecticut, the Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection, the National Undersea Research Center, and the Long Island Sound Research Center present this wonderful online tool with still photos, slideshows, and video clips of marine life and marine habitats, information on underwater technology, and other helpful teacher resources.
Food, Land, and People (FLP)
Project Food, Land, and People promotes approaches to learning to help people better understand the interrelationships among agriculture, the environment and people of the world.  This site offers a free sample lesson “Amazing Grazing” for grades 4-6.  “Amazing Grazing” is from their Resources for Learning collection of lessons, which can be purchased from the website.
Man and Mollusc’s Teacher’s Zone  
Many lesson plans, activities, printouts and worksheets for students of all grade levels involving molluscs/oysters/snails/shells/clams/octopus and other marine topics.
Missouri Farm Bureau – Ag in the Classroom 
Check out this site which offers a variety of agriculture webquests, organized by grade level.  There are also video clips of agricultural scenes and lesson plans for English Language Learners. 
Natural Disaster Lesson Plans & Activities 
Numerous educational lesson plans and activities for students of all ages, categorized by general resources, earthquake resources, and hurricane resources. Hosted by MCEER headquartered at the State University of New York at Buffalo, and funded in part by the National Science Foundation, the Federal Highway Administration, and the Research Foundation of the State of New York.
Natural Inquirer 
The Natural Inquirer is a middle school science education journal created by the USDA Forest Service.  The website offers free downloads of the journal with complementary lesson plans and a slideshow of the parts and educational relevance of the journal and games and activities for students.  There are also student created podcasts relating to articles in the journal.
Project WET (Worldwide Water Education)
Project WET Worldwide Water Education - Teachers
This program of the Project WET International Foundation is focused on educating children about the most precious resource on the planet – water.  The website offers lesson plans, activities, publications downloads and products, an online game, workshops, and curriculum correlations to educational standards.
Trout in the Classroom (TIC)
Reel your students into an active understanding of the natural sciences with live, hands-on classroom activities brought to you by The Connecticut Council of Trout Unlimited.  Trout in the Classroom is a pre-packaged educational tool that engages classrooms to reconnect to local water resources, and teaches the development of trout, the importance of restoring clean and healthy river ecosystems for healthy aquatic life.
Washington State Beef – Beef for the classroom 
This website lists several free classroom materials about beef available from the Washington State Beef Commission and other resources.
Arts, A-V Technology, and Communications
The ARTIST's TOOLKIT: Visual ELEMENTS and PRINCIPLES (Explore the Toolkit)
This ArtsConnectEd website created for the Walker Art Center at the Minneapolis Institute of Arts is designed for educators to teach students about art.  There is an educational database for teachers to search for classroom materials, an art database with the collections of the Minneapolis Institute of Art and the Walker Art Center, a library to search for audio and video clips and supporting texts such as labels, docent manuals, bibliographies and related materials, and a playground for students to explore and be creative.
The Kennedy Center ArtsEdge website has lesson plans for grades K-12 with art subjects including dance, music, theater, and visual arts.  A section on How-Tos is also available for teachers.  This website has lesson plans for grades K-12 with art subjects including dance, music, theater, and visual arts.  A section on How-Tos is also available for teachers.  The Explore tab provides several interesting downloadable audio podcasts.
Chassell Multimedia Class
This Chassell High School website goes through lesson plans for an entire high school graphic design course.  The creators of the course have included topics like the following: fonts, textual design, graphic design, web design, and animation.
Finding Inspiration in Literature and Movies (F.I.L.M.) 
FILM Curricula has created programs to coincide with recent movies.  Students see the featured films, read the associated books, participate in activities from the free, downloadable activity guides, and complete service projects that relate to the central themes of the books and movies.  Check out the free Youth F.I.L.M. Projects
Handmade in America
An educational video project highlighting area artisans/entrepreneurs who made tough career choices -- against the employment trends of the day. The "Handmade in America" documentary film presents well individual choice, and serves to open dialogue on the meaning of the value of work and the journeys taken in the pursuit of one's vocation and a sustainable and satisfying career. At Video StudentGuy, you can listen to Connecticut independent filmmaker Paul Lyzun discuss his project at the initial film screening of "Handmade in America" (scroll down the page to "#132 Handmade Film Screening", and other interesting stories.
High School Journalism (
This website offers information for teachers and students about journalism.  There are lesson plans, teaching tips, national high school journalism organizations listings, and resources to help with starting a high school newspaper.  Students can view high school newspapers, summer programs, read conversations with journalism professionals, and view scholastic journalism resources.
Incredible @rt Department – Incredible Middle School Art Lesson Plans
This website, sponsored by Princeton Online, offers middle schools a variety of art lesson plans/projects in an array of mediums, including drawing, sculpting, and computer generated art.  Some projects include a suggested grading rubric and student examples.
Vocational Information Center – Lesson Plans for the Arts and Media 
This website offers a wide array of information on the arts.  It incorporates visual and graphic art, photography and film, performing arts, and broadcast media and journalism into lesson plans and provides related sites and career descriptions.

Education and Training
Angelo State University – Lesson Plan Sites 
Municipal, state, federal and public sites for free lesson plans.
BBC - Languages
A limited number of the most commonly taught foreign languages to learn at your own pace through interactive courses, videos and audios.
Careers in Scientific & Technical Visualization
Lessons for teachers to guide students through career exploration activities combining art and science clusters.
CBIA Education Policies & Education Foundation  
Teacher Guides
The Connecticut Business and Industry Association (CBIA) education website has extensive workforce development information.  Learn about new initiatives in Connecticut with the CBIA’s Education Foundation and apply for grants.  Fantastic teacher resources include career pathway kits with industry overviews, DVDs, and sample occupations.
Center for Media Literacy  
This website offers a MediaLit Kit for teachers to incorporate how to teach media education in the classroom.  There are also curriculum resources, lesson plans, articles and reports, case studies, and success stories on media literacy education.
An award-winning  Public Broadcasting Service (PBS) animated television series "Cyberchase" teaches math and problem-solving skills for every-day use for students grades 6 through 12, sponsored by Ernst and Young. 
Free Language
A reference site presenting lists of websites offering foreign language lessons, podcasts/videos, dictionary and translation sites.
English as a Second Language 
Free English lessons, including ESL/EFL, using free exercises, audio files, and Ebooks.
Ignite the FIRE
A list of resources to find foreign language tutorials and materials.
MIT Open Course Ware (OCW)    
Do you consider yourself an independent learner who prefers to learn at your own pace? Ever wonder how a subject is taught at the college level?  How would you like to try a course at one of the world's top universities without stepping foot into the classroom?  The "MIT Open Course Ware" is available by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT)—its’ a great resource and it's absolutely free. You can read or watch actual MIT classroom materials straight from the OCW website, or you may download materials  to study later offline, and please remember to check back frequently for updates.  Best of all: no grades!  Here's a page especially designed for high school students and teachers — so Get Started with Open Course Ware!
National Spelling Bee 
Merriam-Webster "Spell It!"
The National Spelling Bee has put together a booklet and challenge words that can be downloaded and used in the classroom.

Banking, Bank Accounts, and Earning Interest Lessons's website to teach math using banking, personal finance, and money management, with lessons and worksheets on basic savings skills, simple and compound interest rates, ATM transactions, and much more.
EconEdLink Saving and Investing
Online teaching aides and lessons plans for helping elementary school, middle school, and high school students understand the basics of saving and investing.
Focus on Finances 
This is a helpful 16-page resource by the Federal Trade Commission, discussing debt and personal finances.
Internet4Classrooms – Business Education 
List of free resources related to business studies, business law, economics and business career information.
New England Economic Adventure – Pursuit! (and other games)
An educational resource by the Federal Reserve Bank of Boston, this site provides several resources to help the educator engage students in economics by looking through time at the entrepreneurship and Yankee ingenuity of New England settlers.  The Adventure web site explores the many facets of manufacturing growth in detail with stories, images, fun facts, a timeline, projects, games, and activities.  Click here to start the “Pursuit! On the trail to economic growth” game.
Office of State Treasurer Denise L. Nappier – Financial Education Overview 
Connecticut's State Treasurer's website with of financial education resources for teaching general financial literacy for people of all ages.

The Mint
Fun financial literacy activities and quizzes, tips for teens, helpful pointers for parents, and ideas for teachers.
The Stock Market Game®
The Stock Market Game (SMG), a free program, transports students (grades 4-12) into real world investing as they learn academic concepts that relate to their entire core curriculum. No prior knowledge of the stock market is needed! The SMG program also provides lesson plans for teachers to weave into their existing plans, on-line training materials, and teacher-training workshops. Locate the nearest local programs from SMG's "How do I get my class involved?" section.
Understanding Taxes Teacher – Teacher Site 
An site specifically designed for teachers to accompany the "Understanding Taxes Student Site" providing a custom resource list, lesson plans, educational standards and downloads to better understand the whys and how-tos of paying yearly taxes.
Web page filled with lessons plans for teaching economic concepts such as inflation, the central banking system, and the business cycle to high school students (grades 9-12).
Wall Street Survivor 
Wall Street Survivor is a fantasy stock trading market game.  Individuals are given $100,000 in virtual dollars to create portfolios and trade in real time.  Check the website, as the game start and end is time sensitive.
Government and Public Administration
Connecticut Network   
“Joining the Debate: A Guide to Testifying at Public Hearings” and “Just One Vote: Yours Does Make a Difference” are just two of the numerous free educational resources, online instructional videos and materials to download from this site. CT-Network is dedicated to an interactive approach to teaching civics, state government proceedings, and current events.
Teachers This Way! (Browse Curriculum Units)
People We Like
A website dedicated to presenting interesting lesson plans and plenty of additional resources for educators to use in the classroom. Engage students to better understand and exercise their legal rights. Explore the website for online games and teacher webinars.

Kids.Gov – Site Map 
Provides numerous career-related resources, many sections for educators, and links to all of the state sites. This site is by the U.S. General Services Administration.

National Oceanic Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) 
The U.S. NOAA’s Office of Response and Restoration provides this web site filled with resources and activities for students and teachers.  Learn how to track a storm’s trajectory, assess ecological risk, and about responding to natural disasters and environmental emergencies.  Click here for a summary of NOAA activities within each state. Consumer Protection Week is observed each year around the USA and in Connecticut the first full week of March. The website provides helpful information about common scams aimed at each age group and provides helpful tips on how to be aware and how to protect yourself.
U.S. Census Bureau  
The 66-page guide "A Compass for Understanding and Using the American Community Survey Data – What High School Teachers Need to Know" for secondary educators to obtain and to help students to analyze relevant demographic, social, economic, and housing characteristics data.
The US EPA has created a website to provide resources for parents, students, teachers and educators.  There are many free publications that can be ordered from the EPA for all ages, including activity kits and coloring books.  There are also linked websites for exploration by students.

U.S. Patent and Trademark Office – whowhatwhenhowwhy
Here are the answers to the most frequently asked kids’ questions about patents, trademarks and copyrights from the U.S. Department of Commerce Patent and Trademark Office.
Health Science
H.O.T. Guide
The Connecticut Area Health Education Center Program (AHEC) Health Occupations & Technology (H.O.T.) Careers in Connecticut Guide helps students learn about different careers, specializations, job salaries, and education routes for each.  It can be navigated online or ordered for free.
Human Services
Resources to help prepare students to handle conflict resolution, by the Cooperative Learning Center at the University of Minnesota.
Information Technology
Click-N-Learn – What’s Inside a Computer? 
This website has different diagrams showing the inside of a computer.  Students can click on the different parts to learn the name of the part and its function in the computer.  
"Computer Connections: Lesson 1 - Outer Hardware" presents the workings for computer connections. 
Google Code University 
Find free lessons, tutorials, introductions, recorded lecture videos, problem sets and exercises. Does not require registration and materials are free to use.
Simply Scheme: Introducing Computer Science
Online version of a copyrighted text.
Law, Public Safety, and Security
Law and Legal Educational Resources
The Connecticut Judicial Department’s web site for helpful resources developed for high school students and teachers.
Ready America Responder Toolkit 
U.S. Federal Emergency Management Agency's "Ready Campaign" provides information and resources on how individuals and communities can plan and prepare for unexpected situations and disasters, with special sections for safeguarding those with physical and mental challenges, pets, homes, and businesses.  Includes additional helpful resources for parents and teachers to use with younger children at FEMA READY KiDS.
Regional Center for Next Generation Manufacturing
This website is a great resource for students and teachers interested in manufacturing.  There is a manufacturing careers campaign with a DVD teacher’s guide, workshops, externships, scholarships, curriculum development, and more!
Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)
Connecticut Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) – DEP Events List
The DEP offers various educational programs and materials to educators for use in the classroom.
Connecticut Energy Education 
CT Energy Education is a site for educators to access videos, lesson plans, lab and project ideas, workshops, and information on energy issues facing Connecticut.  This site is geared towards high school science educators.  There are also interactive games for students.  Review the sustainability education resources and sustainability education resources and prepare to teach featured lessons in the fundamentals of energy, climate change, and energy efficiency!  Check out the master lesson list
Engineering Pathway Curricular Resources 
This web page and web site provide resources for educators looking for best practices in introducing and teaching engineering to students of all ages.
EXCITE (Excellence in Curriculum Innovation through Teaching Epidemiology) is a teacher's resource center with information about public health career paths. Developed in 1996 by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), EXCITE can be used to teach students, through team building and problem solving, about the causes and prevention of disease and injury, about how to analyze, research and solve complex problems. The program has multi-disciplinary applicability across biology, environmental science, health education, social science, language arts, computer science, and family consumer science. Creative teachers have used EXCITE to teach data interpretation and graphics production, build skills in nonfiction writing, teach good health practices, and raise awareness of current events.
G3 Guides – A Guide to Goals after Graduation: STEM – Students' Guide
Use the 27-page (5.02 MB) Students' Guide to discuss 25 hot careers and current topics for techies and would-be techies, and check out the Educator's Guide for tips.  
Math Cats
This award-winning web site introduces math concepts in a fun and interesting way for people of all ages.  Be the best mathematician you can be.
A podcast website for math lovers and reaches tens of billions of homes in over 320 countries worldwide. The MathFactor presents challenging puzzles and paradoxes to solve.
NASA For Educators
The NASA website that is designed for educators contains resources for grades K–12, Higher Education, and Informal Education.  It allows teachers to search by grade level, type of material, or subject.

Neuroscience for Kids 
Teach students about the brain and how it functions through fun experiments, activities and lesson plans. Portions of Neuroscience for Kids are available in foreign language translations: Spanish, Slovene, Chinese, Portuguese, Italian, Korean, Dutch, Telugu, Japanese and Turkish.  Watch a 30-minute "BrainWorks" video for a journey inside the brain by Eric Chudler of the University of Washington. 
PBS NewsHour Extra – Lesson Plan: Exploring Alternative Energy Sources
Lesson plan for secondary school students to discuss issues and options of alternative energy.
ScienceBuddies – Teacher Resources
Everything you need to know about running a science fair, science project resources, grading/scoring projects, etc.
Other Resources (general, multi-disciplinary, ...)
"Ben and Me" Cluster Worksheet
A HOTCHALK LessonPlansPage brain-storming exercise for career development and exploration using the multi-talented Benjamin Franklin whose life spanned across a number of careers: printer, scientist, inventor, musician, philosopher, economist, and statesman. The page includes a chart of interconnected circles; educators can use this as a starting point for expanded discussion and online research activities with people of all ages.  
Beyond Benign
Beyond Benign is a non-profit organization whose mission is to create an environmentally, socially and economically prosperous world by promoting sustainability in the sciences and science education through green chemistry education. Experienced Beyond Benign staff can assist educators in developing curriculum units and lesson plans, combining a multi-disciplinary approach to connecting real world problems and science education. Click here for the 12 principles of green chemistry.  
Building Bridges
RocketMoms takes your classroom through Colonial America and provides suggested readings and activities for students K-12 that will raise discussions about societal migration, the historical and economic context of connecting geographic territories, as well as the physics of bridge-building. Check out the video on a classroom toothpick bridge competition!
Career Cluster Lesson Plans
LessonPlanet is a search engine for teachers. This page provides over 800 career-related lesson plans reviewed by peer educators.

Connecticut Career Choices (CCC)
The initiative, a three-tiered approach includes topics in information technology, biotechnology and e-commerce, focuses on curriculum that is aligned with both industry and state standards and that can be adapted to any type of school within Connecticut.  Invites students to experience project-based and experiential-learning first-hand as they journey on new pathways to innovation.   
Federal Resources for Educational Excellence (FREE)    
Hundreds of federally supported teaching and learning resources (animation, photos, videos, documents) are available for FREE to help support your lesson plans in a wide range of subject areas: art & music, health & physical education, U.S. and world history and world studies, language arts, mathematics (algebra, geometry, data analysis, measurement, number & operations), and the sciences (applied sciences, earth sciences, space sciences, life sciences, physical sciences, and other sciences). Click here to view the newest resources
GreenJobs Database
This is an actual jobs database – Teachers could assign students to research real jobs available today, to read about the variety of companies and occupations involved in the "green" industries, and to compile the kinds of job titles, work experience, skills, education, and responsibilities required for current green jobs.  Job listings are sorted alphabetically by various categories, such as agriculture, ecotravel, and environmental architecture, to waste management, water conservation, and wind.
Sample Academic / Career Development Integration Activities (samples, by grade level)
Click on the hyperlink above to see sample classroom activities by grade level that integrate academic content with career development concepts and 21st Century Skills.
Skills for 21st Century Workplace Success
This colorful handout/poster summarizes skills employers say are important for workplace success. Adapted from the SCANS Report, the skills are grouped into four areas: Foundation Skills, Thinking Skills, Workplace Skills, and Personal Management Skills and Qualities.

Using Technology in Career Exploration Performance-Based Assessments   
17-page document with quizzes and things that teachers can use to help students think about careers.
Vocational Information Center  
"Career Development and Guidance: Worksheets, Handouts and Workbooks"  many skills, personality, interests, values worksheets tools.

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