DECD: DECD: 1996-1997 Connecticut Town Profile Data Files

1996-97 Connecticut Town Profiles Data Files

Interested in the information across subjects? Want to incorporate the statistics into your own reports? The data used to create 1996-97 Connecticut Town Profiles is available electronically. With any spreadsheet program, over 20,000 statistics will be found at your fingertips. The information is stored in Microsoft Excel format.

Age This file lists the age distribution for males and females in each town, as well as the total male and female population. agerange.xls
Demographics This file includes population history and projections, the racial/ethnic composition of the population, population density, and number of households. demograp.xls
Economy This file includes the number of business establishments of each type in each town, except when there are three or fewer, and the per capita income and retail sales in each town. economy.xls
Education This file includes information about the educational system in each town, regional systems including multiple towns, and educational attainment statistics. education.xls
Government This file includes information about the finances of each town's government. govern.xls
Housing This file contains statistics on the number of housing units, their construction, and their sale. housing.xls
Labor This file contains statistics on the labor force living in each town and on the number of jobs located in that town. labor.xls
Services This file contains information on the human services and utilities available in each town. services.xls