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Office of International and Domestic Business Development
The Department of Economic and Community Development (DECD) is committed to international trade.  To stimulate trade, DECD serves as the lead facilitator and strategic catalyst of international activity within the state.  DECD achieves its mission of increasing the global competitiveness of Connecticut businesses by developing two-way trade and investment opportunities; by helping these businesses enter new markets and expand their global business base; by aggressively pursuing foreign direct investment opportunities; and by building public/private strategic partnerships.
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      Department of Economic and Community Development
  International Division
  450 Columbus Boulevard
  Hartford, Connecticut, 06103
  Tel: +1 860 500 2388
  Fax: +1 860 707 1809
George Norfleet
International Business Development
       Connecticut has been awarded State Trade
       Expansion Program (STEP) '17-18 grant
  • Please view the CT STEP Grant website for additional information. 
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