DECD: Industrial Parks Program

Municipal Development Program Fact Sheet


To promote economic and community development through real estate investment and comprehensive development strategies, with major focus on large-scale capital projects and muncipal development where public/private partnership is needed to stimulate development.


The purpose of the Municipal Development Program is to provide muncipalities with the tools to foster economic and community development through the planning, construction and renovation. The program is currently conducted under the Manufacturing Assistance Act (1990), but has been in existence since 1967. Through this program, the State of Connecticut works cooperatively with municipalities and developers to create economic resources development throughout the State.

Authorizing Statutes

Sections 32-220 through 32-234 of the Connecticut General Statutes (CGS), Economic Development and Manufacturing Assistance Act of 1990, Chapter 588l

Sections 8-186 through 8-200 of the CGS, Municipal Development Projects, Chapter 132



  • Review of feasibility and marketability of the program
  • Coordination of planning, environmental and regulatory reviews
  • Review and approval of the Municipal Development Project ("Project Plan")
  • Development of performance standards to insure project integrity and to maximize economics impact of the project

Implementation  (upon successful completion of the planning phase)

  • Site acquisition
  • Construction of roads & Infrastructure
  • Marketing
  • Monitoring of project to meet performance standards